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… and so the Holidays begin

With one US American Holiday solidly behind us, the next one is FAST approaching.

First order of business:  Get the Christmas lights up at the shop.

And while I am the one that cuts their Christmas tree three days before Christmas is actually happening and decorates it maybe TWO days before – you simply cannot wait that long when you have a store.  We need to get our customers into the Christmas shopping spirit as ’tis is the season that helps us pay our bills.  Big time.

At least we waited until AFTER Thanksgiving.

Like always, Naomi is our creative director and I simply help putting things together.  And also like always, I think our windows turned out spectacular!

Then boxes with new merchandise arrive… and they contain heavenly items fit for a PARTY!

Darlin of London - Elsie skirt and Faye cardi with grey pearls!

Elsie skirt paired with Hazel cardi (gold lurex shimmmer!)













Both of these items can be worn separately –  the two cardigans will look stunning paired with black slacks or jeans and the skirt can be worn mostly all year!

Darling of London Ciara dress, black chiffon with flower embroidery on top!

Darling of London Elsie dress - same fabric like the above skirt and POCKETS!

Hazel fully lined lace mini dress - thanks to sweet Simone to model this!














At Citrine, we also have everything to go with these adorable outfits – from stockings to scarves, jackets to coats AND the best jewelry!

Yesterday, this beautiful lady came in to get earrings to match the black chiffon dress.  She wanted the earrings to be the center piece of her outfit and Michelle Obama to notice them.

Chalcedony drops on sterling by YedOmi

Yes, you read that right – these earrings are going to the WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!



color craze


We have been so sun deprived in dear Portland that my heart literally skipped a beat when I rearranged my racks!

I am so pleased with this arrangement, it feels like sun and warmth just looking at it:

This rack sits right across from the counter, so every time I raise my head, my eyes fall upon the red, whites and purples. Working the store for many hours, I need calm and serenity around me.  Both Naomi and I have a similar need and sense for that.  She arranges her jewelry in much the same color fashion: hues that go together, grouped in a non-invasive way.

Also, yesterday, I received a new shipment by Neesha – lovely flowing jerseys, t-shirts, skirts and dresses:

Now, all I need to make me REAL happy is some ACTUAL SUN!


the countdown

At the end of this week, we are going to be able to start working on our new space!


2937 E Burnside

Portland, Ore 97214

I am so excited!

… and I promise to post pictures of the progress!

It’s about time this gal re-emerges from my basement:

She’s been telling me that she is bored.


Morning Walk: Cheap Fashion Statement


I assume you rather adorn yours:

Milinn long bauble

Milinn Spady Glass

milinn three baubles

Or one of Naomi’s adorable creations:


Life is better WITH a neck.



I know it is not Spring yet.  On the calendar not for a loooong time.  Unfortunately.  However, when the sun is out, even in February, people perk up.  Sit on the bench next to my store and chat.  Everyone is friendly and cheerful.  We NEED the sun!  And yes, my store is packed with spring dresses.  Such as the one that Naomi picked out the other day:


Not only does she look adorable in it (she did throw on a big coat to walk over here from Splurge) – but look at her:  She designed a piece of jewelry to match the dress perfectly!



The dress by Hazel is made of a lightweight silk/cotton mix, ends in three tiers and is fully lined.  The straps on the embroidered bodice are adjustable.  That particular day, Naomi wore it over a pair of jeans.  She pulls it off so nicely, I am proud for her as my walking, beautiful advertising.  Needless to say that I am a major SUCKER for her jewelry.

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