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aha! June?

Okay, according to the National Weather Service, this has been the wettest spring so far around here. It also has been the warmest. Which makes me think that maybe we are headed to become a tropical rainforest. I DO NOT LIKE THE RAIN. At least, not so much of it. Although it definitively has its upside:  No need to water the garden. Everything is so lush and green. I have never had so many fat blooms on my roses.

one… and so many more to come!

However, I am also a shop owner. And right now, my store is full of the cutest summer dresses. They beg to be worn on a sunny, hot summer day. After all, we are fast approaching solstice and then the days will get shorter… again. Maybe you are taking a summer vacation once school is out. Or the weather around here turns for the better – either way, have a look!

Anni Kuan silk skirt, wrap T-shirt

Hazel flower halter dress

structured Anni Kuan dress with pockets

a wedding? wear this colorful dress by Darling!

Boardwalk dress by Whitewash, with pockets to hold your groceries!

Neesha! one of four spaghetti strap dresses.

cowl neck shirt by Neesha, and Darling Pippa skirt













The weather gods must have heard me: the sun IS coming out. And while I can’t wait for it to warm my skin… I do love how the rain created this lushness:


making a shirt case

Admittedly, throwing on a sweater or a t-shirt is a lot simpler than a buttoned shirt. A shirt you have to iron, hang, and button. HOWEVER, a shirt looks so well dressed. A white one even more so.

The white shirt looks clean, crisp and makes a statement of confidence. You can combine a white shirt into endless outfits; it can stand by itself, as a jacket or double as an additional layer.

A white shirt on slacks or dark jeans looks very professional. Worn open over a long-sleeved t-shirt together with a scarf looks romantic and adds warmth.  Buttoned up and tucked in with a contrasting camisole underneath jazzes up an otherwise bland outfit.

At the store, we have a few white shirts right now that I played with the other day:

long shirt, basket weave cotton (Whitewash)

This shirt accentuates a woman’s  body without being clingy. Because if the long darts in the front, it is supposed to be worn OVER pants or a skirt. It would look best on a tall, high-waisted woman – the proportions are just right!

a great combination!

the same shirt with a shawl and under a long vest

white - with fun accents! (Whitewash)

A crisp white shirt that is a little different. Printed flowers inside the neck and the cuffs, flower embroidery down the left arm along with the stripes make this the perfect shirt for jeans and boots!

stripe shirt with a color pop!

A last one for drama – this shirt is is structured it has so much going on that you almost forget that is is WHITE!

dramatic collar, topstitching, wide tie (Anni Kuan)

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