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He passed me today… :(

When about 3 in the afternoon rolls around, I strain to look down the street. Maybe he’s stopping today? I look for his truck, for his manly appearance. I can see the lights for more than half a mile. He stops about 10 houses down. I can hear the diesel roar of his truck. I pretend I have something else to do. Another diesel sound – I look up – no, this is not him…yet.

He pulls up to the street corner – I can almost see his face. He does not stop, does not park his truck. Not today. He did not stop to see me! There is always the faint hope that he might make it around the block, because there was no place to park. So another few moments go by and he does not come back. Even if I have nothing to hope for, I look for him. Maybe something unexpected will arrive? You never know who thought of me in my little store. Darn, another day and he passed me. My UPS man.


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