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I’m saving for one.

In case you do not know about Peter Lappin of malepatternboldness – you have to get started on reading his blog. Not only is he wildly funny but he also knows how to sew. Many of his experiences I also had. I admire his zest for learning how to tackle difficult problems and the resulting tutorials. His photoshoots are priceless.

Peter lives in New York, has a passion for flea markets, vintage sewing machines and only began sewing in 2009, the time he started writing the blog. He is pretty much self-taught and has mastered quite a few techniques beautifully!

A few days ago, he wrote about the Bernina sewing machines and Switzerland, which hits right home with me for a number of reasons. 😉  In his post, he is asking readers about their opinion of the brand and whether or not it is worth the high price.  This entry must have gotten the most comments ever!  (most of them are positive, too)

I own a ‘Mercedes Benz’ of the overlock sergers and could not be happier.  It was worth every dollar I bled for it.


Maybe once in Switzerland, I should start saving for a Bernina.

Now go and read Peter!




I (heart) Switzerland

For the third time in three months I have left Switzerland. It is about time that I jot down some observations about that country that I have been carrying around with myself.

(insert:  I actually left ZURICH, the biggest, most cosmopolitan city in that country. However, what I want to share applies mostly to Switzerland as a whole….)

Anyone can look up Switzerland on wikipedia or google.  There are a few things about that country, though, that you might not find there OR in that lovely book above that I got for my birthday….

  • Going to the movies in Switzerland (is expensive) is a pleasure. You can watch EVERY movie in it’s original version – with TWO or THREE languages in subtitles.  The official languages in Switzerland are German, French, and Italian. So I go see an American movie and can follow the story in the other languages. (There is still some screen left, believe me)
  • Household garbage collection happens in large containers. Every household needs to buy city-approved plastic sacks that will then be deposited in those containers. There are containers near every house.  BEWARE if you throw in garbage in an unapproved sack.  The city actually has detectives who will go through your garbage to find AN/ANY indication WHERE the garbage might have come from.  And fine you. Yes, they do.
  • Switzerland has roughly 7.8 million inhabitants. In my mind, they try to run a TRUE democracy:  On EVERY measure this country tries to pass, they collect the votes of EVERY Swiss person.  The last (controversial) measure was whether or not mosques can erect a tower. You may remember that it passed and caused a huge reaction from the rest of the world. But – they even ask EVERY inhabitant whether or not they approve the drilling of a new tunnel through the alps. Now, that is DEMOCRACY!
  • Until very few years ago, Switzerland – the whole country of Switzerland – had EXACTLY TWO grocery store chains. No independent grocery stores, no small grocery stores – no, TWO names.  That’s all. These grocery stores also supply the country with their baked goods. Hardly any independent bakeries are left either. A few years back, the Swiss FINALLY allowed TWO more GERMAN grocery chains to open doors. You can now buy your groceries in FOUR grocery stores chains in that country. That is SAD.
  • Okay – these grocery stores have an incredible selection. Shopping is easy and convenient.  You find EVERYTHING from typical meat to gluten-free products.  Free range eggs to organic produce. Delicious cold cuts to AMAZING local cheese. Organic cotton clothing.  Bamboo shirts.
  • WHAT I DON’T GET:  Most everything is packaged on plastic trays and plastic bags. It is just as bad as Japan. The amount of garbage they generate is AMAZING.  I really don’t understand that – and so far, nobody has been able to give me an explanation. Maybe someone needs to introduce a ballot measure to change that.  Would be interesting, hm?

low numbers…

I have been fascinated by this Zurich license plate phenomena:

The LOWER the number, the HIGHER the value of the license plate.  Apparently, when the first cars were licensed, the city gave them numbers as they came in.  ‘ZH’ as the abbreviation for the city’s name and then the number.  Ever since I learned about this, I am on the lookout for low numbers.  Today I scored:

Look how beat up this plate is!  They keep the plate and transfer it from car to car. I also learned that people bid high amounts of money to get one of the low numbers for themselves.

For comparison, I took a picture of another one:

Not only is the size a lot different, but the numbers are getting up there!

I also notice the absence of bumper stickers.  Not only are the people dressed elegantly, the cars are sleek that way as well.

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