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Stay afloat during these times

I do not even want to open the paper anymore.  One of my friends has stopped her subscription to it altogether.  It is downright depressing:  all theses reports on sales being down and people not wanting to spend any money anymore.

What I want to say is this:  Don’t let this get you down, no matter what business you are in.  Because when you feel stressed, anxious or plain afraid, people will notice.  This, too, will pass.  It always does.  It only matters what YOU do in the meantime.

Have a MANTRA:  Think of a positive phrase that you repeat over and over.  Along the lines of  “I believe in myself and my business and I will make money.”  “I deserve it”  “Magic happens”  Believe in your mantra, repeat it often and share it with your supporters.  You will be surprised how your attitude changes.

LOVE your customers:  Let them know that these are hard times but they make a difference.  They support you!  Make them feel special, remember their names, remember their birthdays, remember what they bought the last time, send them a little note.  Give them a discount for their loyalty.

Offer a SERVICE:  Be knowledgeable about your wares and how to care for them.  Refer them to other businesses for accessories, shoes, dry cleaning, watch repair.  Better yet, offer the service in house.  Give them another earring post if they lose one.  Hem their pants.  Offer glue.

BAND TOGETHER with the other businesses on your street or  in your industry.  Have a sale together.  Advertise together and split the cost.  Use the computer whiz, the graphic artist, the photographer, the one who has connections.  It may be a bit more work but the results are amazing.

Be CREATIVE:  I received a big postcard form another clothing store the other day:  Passport for Holiday Savings.  On it, they offered 20% off every kind of merchandise they carry.  For one item each only – but you could potentially save a bundle.  They offered the passport for as long as it takes you to use it up, you can even split it with a friend.  What a great way to get people in.

And last but not least:  SHARE with your colleagues.  How are they doing?  It helps to share.  It helps to share honestly.  Shed the secretive people.  You don’t need them.



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