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This morning I woke up to another chilly one…while there are a few sunspots, it never gets warm enough.  I wandered out in the garden, coffee in hand, checking on my greenery and flowers.  Everything seems to be ‘on hold’.

The yellow Iris has a little coat wrapped around her.  Holding on tightly.

yellow iris

The blue Iris seems to be leaning towards the sun- when I can I spring open?  I’m almost ready!

blue iris

I can’t wait.  I want the sun to warm my skin.  I want to wear sandals. Capri pants.  Sleeveless T-shirts.  Dresses.  I want to leave the coat at home.

How about you?


What time is it ….really???

I forgot that coming back from Europe THIS way is WAY harder than going over there.  My body really does not know what time it is – I wake up at 5 in the morning!!!!

Coming back to the store was a little like Christmas.  While I was gone, lots of new clothes arrived.  They all feel like Spring, look like Spring, smell like Spring – only Spring is not here yet.  A customer today dropped a nasty little comment that she isn’t yet in the mood for Spring clothing.  The season this year is taking her own little sweet time….  If you know Portland then you know that this is most beautiful time around here.  All the trees are competing for attention. They know it is Spring!  The dogwood is in bloom, cherries teem with all kinds of pinks and reds, the chestnut tree has broken out AND the lilacs are in bloom!  One does not know where to look and admire.  Nature’s own movie.  Beautiful day and night!  (the smells, the smells…..)
Anni Kuan cap sleeve silk shirt

Olsen crash blouse, A2 cardi, Zoom linen pant

Well, store organized, boxes unpacked, merchandise ironed and tagged – I am ready for Spring, are you?

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