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Morning Walk: empty vs. full

I chuckled when I found this stand on my walk:


And granted, it is a FARM stand – I was captured by the architecture of this construction.  Aside from that empty mason jar and the bamboo on the ground, there was no indication what they might sell.

Not so at my store:


Plenty of t-shirts, long and short sleeved.


Skirts galore…


The coolest military-style coat!  They are so in!


And socks.  I have to press my socks into your conscience.  Women, children, men.

Come on over and help me have an empty store, just like the farm stand above….


It could be worse…much worse

Imagine peacefully sleeping and your house slides down the mountain!  Yes. Yesterday morning at 5:40 the whole house of a lady slid down the mountain and took her with it.   In Portland!  The neighbors held a ladder out to her onto which she grabbed – that’s how she was saved.  Imagine – your house as a pile, leaving a bulldozed mountain behind.  Damaging four other houses that are now condemned.

Man, I take an economic slowdown anytime over that!

Remember the quilt that I was working on?  And how I was complaining about its weight?  Well, that also could be worse.  Believe me.  Amy showed me the one that her daughter literally chewed into chenille.  Thanks Amy, for not asking me to fix this one.

I guess the only landslide that I am experiencing at the moment are socks.  SOCKS.  TIGHTS.  I took me three full days to dig myself out of that one.  If one more sock wants to come into my door from the street, I will have to fight it back.  The only way I will see socks move is in the opposite direction.

The beautiful old Koffer I got from Poppy & Ivy is now filled with tights.

Where the tights used to be, I have now Capris, leggings and footless tights.  And more socks, stashed away.

Knee Highs.

I even had to employ the old sock pole.  It is now holding all the arm and legwarmers.

Socks I warn you – only go out – do not come in again!

It could be worse….


The SOCK pole

The other day, my husband and I spent the night at a hotel for a little getaway. Our room was on the third floor, the former attic space of the place. Pretty much next to our bed, there was a green colored nice size (vertical!) pole. It gave him ideas right away. But no, we did not use it for that purpose at all. However, it gave me ideas, too….of a different kind. I am expecting a load of socks and have absolutely no room for them anymore on my SOCK wall.

sock wall

All of this, of course, when the weather is a balmy 60 degrees and the Portlanders strip their feet immediately of any leg wear whatsoever. Go figure!

Anyway, I am in dire need of more display space for the incoming socks. Hence, the idea for the pole. For the entire time I had this store (2 years!) – there was this eye hook in the ceiling, leftover from the previous tenant. I do not like it when dandy things like this go unused. I was thinking of suspending an advent wreath from it. It would have hit anyone coming in smack in the face. So much for that. It was too high up for clothing. Again, my customers would have been greeted by a brush of cloth in the face. Then I just simply chose to ignore the hook. Until our stay at the hotel. Ha!!! There was the pole – and the hook – and maybe a chain – and I had it all figured out.

I moved the hook (had to: see above). Went to the hardware store and found a pretty chain. Snuck off with one of my husband’s cowboy boots (he has not found me out yet… ) and put the whole thing together. Bingo!

sock pole naked

Now I only need the socks. (it has been two full days since I finished the contraption… ) And there is another hook right above the cash register. I have ignored it for a long time……

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