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Confession: Smartwool addiction

Finally I got around to photographing the TWOs I was talking about in this earlier post.  I’ll post those pictures below but first need to explain about the sock addiction that I have.

The true addiction to Smartwool:  Longer that a year ago, I was hiking through a snow field up at Mt. St. Helens with my friends G. and N.  My boots, socks and feet were SOAKED.  Unprepared a hiker as I am, I had no SPARE pair of socks with me, however, N. did.  She offered me a pair of Smartwool Saturns that I put on and into my wet boots.  About 90 minutes downhill, my feet were not only DRY but also WARM.  Do this to a notorious cold-footy like me, and I was convinced.

I got myself my first Smartwool pair at a local shoe store and have been addicted ever since.

They keep your feet even tempered, even in hot summer days.

They wick moisture away and keep warmth in.

They make the best bed socks – EVER

A lot of them have cushioned bottoms – you feel like walking on air.

You will never have blister in a Smartwool sock.

I sell them.

Enough advertising?

Compendium KHFleckerFloral Fan KHFloral MirrorFoot SpaNatural History Pressed Leaf

New OmbreTransversal

And while all of the socks above are for women, I also have some good styles for guys.  Do not feel left out!

Hunky Rib Street HikerThermal Stitch  Diamond Jim


Morning Walk: Two Angels

Everything happened in TWOs today.

My dog ate two slices of lemon pound cake that I had saved for this afternoon. (Bad dog!)

Found these two angels on my walk.


(there are lots more of TWOs on that bus, I just realized….)

Had two dear ones bring me first lunch and then a coffee cake!

Had two guys with dogs stop in, both saying their dogs want to see me. (grin)  They are cute – the dogs, I mean.

Which all gives me a chance to show off these cool SmartWool socks that – incidentally – also came in TWO’s:


This is just to get you interested.  There are lots more!  Pictures to follow!

And now I’m off to Happy Hour, again with two ladies. Hm.


Neighbor Frank

I think it is highly unlikely that Neighbor Frank is reading my blog – but if you do:  Thank you so much for letting me pick flowers from your front yard.

summer flowers

Frank seeded his strip next to the sidewalk with wildflowers last year.  He diligently watered them until they grew vigorously.  And then he offered for me to pick them for my shop.  This last winter we had this furious big freeze and lots of things died.  Not the wildflowers!  They came back more beautiful than last year.  I am so lucky to be able to pick them again.

Now, I do not know whether Frank is a father.  If he was a dad, I’d give him a pair of nice socks for Father’s Day.   He seems like the person who would enjoy a pair of fun socks under his slacks.

SM male selectionSM male fun

These are the incredible SmartWools. While they almost look like ordinary dress socks, they have a hidden fun side to them!  Check out the cuff and the sole!  The very best part about SmartWools is the fact that they wick moisture, you will never sweat in them even in hot summer days.  You can walk in them for hours without the danger of a blister! (this from a tourguide who walks all day long!)

Ozone male fun

These are cotton and plain fun on the outside.  just imagine crossing your legs and getting a peek at those under your boring blue or black pants.  I do not even want to go to the bermuda/shorts wearer who has NO style whatsoever wearing WHITE socks.  That is an abslute no-no.  A turn-off, guys.  Do these instead.

I might juts get Frank a pair, father or not.  He deserves it.


Popular vs. Unknown

This is the time of year.  Sales people call EVERY day to find out whether I am attending this show or that.  They not only call, they also stop by.  Sometimes unannounced, sometimes I make an appointment.  Irregardless, they all want to sell their wares.

In the beginning, I felt that when I had looked at something, pulled it out, announced it was beautiful – I also had to buy it.  Because most of the sales people are really nice and they have got to make a living too.  I do not do that anymore.  Instead I ‘write’ ‘notes’.  (all new language here for a teacher….)  I take the notes and take pictures of the items when I have a camera on me.  And ponder.  Most of it should be budget driven.  SHOULD.  It comes in handy when one knows about their finances.  Definitively.

But lately, I am also thinking about the popularity of a certain name.

As I wanted to be Miss Europe here, I wanted to pride myself in the European Style AND Names.  Turns out that whenever I mentioned a certain brand name that I carried, there were actually very few people whose face lights up when they heard it.  Those customers had actually traveled to Europe and had admired the brand there.  Not so for everyone else.

So much for wanting to be different.  Which also resulted in a few items that I have left over from the DAY I OPENED THE STORE.  And no, I will not admit which pieces they are or point to them.

Then came this winter and I had some sort of an eye- opening experience.  I started to sell SmartWool.  A very well-known brand and not cheap for socks.  I sold out of them TWICE.  And there are a number of stores that sell them, even in my neighborhood.  This is a well-known brand, people know what they are getting, the price does not matter – and they come back for them.  This is SOOO cool!

I am now thinking that there might be something to an item that gets mentioned in a magazine.  I also wonder whether Jason Wu will suddenly be famous because of Michelle Obama.

I have not drawn major conclusions on this issue.  But is is certainly worthwhile to think about.  Maybe it only applies to socks.


It could be worse…much worse

Imagine peacefully sleeping and your house slides down the mountain!  Yes. Yesterday morning at 5:40 the whole house of a lady slid down the mountain and took her with it.   In Portland!  The neighbors held a ladder out to her onto which she grabbed – that’s how she was saved.  Imagine – your house as a pile, leaving a bulldozed mountain behind.  Damaging four other houses that are now condemned.

Man, I take an economic slowdown anytime over that!

Remember the quilt that I was working on?  And how I was complaining about its weight?  Well, that also could be worse.  Believe me.  Amy showed me the one that her daughter literally chewed into chenille.  Thanks Amy, for not asking me to fix this one.

I guess the only landslide that I am experiencing at the moment are socks.  SOCKS.  TIGHTS.  I took me three full days to dig myself out of that one.  If one more sock wants to come into my door from the street, I will have to fight it back.  The only way I will see socks move is in the opposite direction.

The beautiful old Koffer I got from Poppy & Ivy is now filled with tights.

Where the tights used to be, I have now Capris, leggings and footless tights.  And more socks, stashed away.

Knee Highs.

I even had to employ the old sock pole.  It is now holding all the arm and legwarmers.

Socks I warn you – only go out – do not come in again!

It could be worse….


just in time

The rains are arriving.  That is exactly what the paper said.  And that is exactly what happened.  It rained.  And still does.

Yesterday, my bank account showed two LARGE charges and I braced myself.  For the UPS man. By now, I know what to expect.  He started laughing when he dropped off the two immensely large boxes and I told him I knew he was coming.  From looking at my bank account.

I took me pretty much all day yesterday and today to unpack, unravel, sort and log all the new stuff.  Mostly socks.  I must have been insane ordering all these socks.  There are now 18 different over-the-knees!  I don’t even want to count the regular socks…

Every year, I expand not only the sock and tight section – this year I ordered hats, caps, gloves, mittens AND scarves for the first time.  Had to get some ladies, too, to show them off:



Well, she did it again! Mesmerized me in front of the TV. No, not for her speech, but for her dress. This time a two piece turquoise number. Perfect on her – she is tall and can wear a 2 button jacket with big lapels. She also has shapely legs that do look good in a pencil skirt. (I even compared hers to Sarah Palin’s while they were up on the stage together) Nah- I wasn’t so much interested in what they said, I confessed to that before. I wonder how may women out there did the same thing I did. Upped the viewer numbers for the convention – for much other reasons than being interested in the speaker.

I realize I am not alone. Check out this article. Even my husband noticed a certain hype around Cindy McCain’s outfits. And believe me, I am totally shocked by the price for one of these numbers. I nonetheless revel in their beauty and will be inspired by it.

The convention is over. Sigh of relief. No more rushing home to catch Cindy McCain on TV. It is back to business as usual. Over all this Cindy-watching, I almost forgot to introduce the spinner. The most startling part of it was the box it came in. I could have buried myself in it. Or I could have pretended to be Frankenstein and reside in it. Had to enlist the help of the neighbor to rid myself of the masses of cardboard.

It’s my SmartWool spinner! Had to rearrange the store a bit to accommodate this baby.

Now watch it fill up!

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