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Is this actually just a ….hat?

On my way back from Los Angeles earlier this week, I sat next to a buyer for a large catalog-based clothing store.  She was commenting on the fashion in the Northwest.  ‘It takes about a year for the fashion to arrive from Europe in New York,’ she said, ‘and then another one to get to Los Angeles.  It will take another full year to arrive in Portland after that.’  So we are THREE years behind.  Buying now for spring/summer of 2009 did not seem to be all that bad after hearing this.  Actually, I don’t even have to be afraid if the clothing does not sell right away… I have a full three years before it is EVEN IN STYLE around here.  Hm.

However, one thing that I see all around and have been seeing is the stocking cap.  The hat.  The lid.  Whatever.  Went to a concert of a friend of mine last weekend and the place was packed with ‘lidded’ people.  Men and women.

Now that is one thing I have plenty of.  I started to carry this type of accessory this year.  Well, maybe I am three years late on that.  Or it was always in fashion.

Now, Portlanders, I have you covered.


Going Camping

Yes, that’s what we want to do this weekend. Camping. Before Fall officially starts. We are probably going to freeze out bee-hinds off. AND we probably have to be in bed by 8:30 because it will be dark. We wanted to go camping so badly this summer. First, our tent was with other people on a camping trip. The other tent we have was nowhere to be found. Until it turned up in the garage rafters. And only because ‘someone’ decided to look into the box marked ‘tent’ and only because it was me who said the tent was red and the box was blue. Ummpf. Well, we did not go camping when we should have. We also promised the dog all summer long. Good thing she has a limited vocabulary. So now we have to make good on what we said. We’re probably going over to the east side of the state. Throw the dog in a cold lake and we stay out of it. It is just as well. Camping is great. “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”, to quote my dear dad.

Since I have all these at the store, we can at least be sure to have TOASTY feet….

And if you are curious to see what else is there in the SOCK department, check these out!


Let’s have some fun

We went to another outdoor concert last night. It was packed. It was the perfect temperature. It was James Blunt. And Sheryl Crow. Could not have been better. I was so excited beforehand, I did not know which one to look forward to more. It was a great concert. We had picked out the perfect spot, too. So perfect that friends with a less good spot abandoned their friends to comer over. James Blunt put on a fun show, ran through the crowd. Danced on the piano. And Sheryl is awesome! She rocks. Seriously.

The concert marked the end of a pretty exciting week. I am now officially a SmartWool dealer. Yep. It feels good to have been picked. SmartWool makes you ‘apply’ for their product. They come visit the store and then decide. Look at me – I am now authorized to carry these. If there is still anybody out there who hasn’t worn them, they are truly amazing. Cushioned for comfort. Keep your feet cool in hot weather and super warm in cold. Trust me, I am one of those who always has cold feet. Even in cooler summer nights. Here is a preview. There is more to come.

This is one of their new styles. Wall flower. For women only.

My all time favorite, Probably because it is the first SmartWool sock I ever wore. On a hike, in soaking wet boots. By the end of the hike my feet were warm AND dry. For guys and gals.

And this one for men only. Timeless Argyle pattern. And cushioned. ooooh -comfy!

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