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Blind Dog needs Seeing Eye Human, day 2+3

Brooklyn has found her home.  In Bella’s bed.brooklyn1_12

She almost looks likes she is smiling, right?  Ha, gotcha, this is now MINE!

She also has found THE place to pee.  It is right next to the thorniest rosebush in our garden.  Gives me a heart attack every time she goes near.  And she finally started to poo, too.  It does worry me when you feed that dog oodles of food and she does not go.  I was ready for her to explode.  And that I’d rather have her do that next to the rosebush than in my living room.  It was probably the meds that constipated her.  So this is day 5 after the surgery and she does not get any painkiller anymore, only the antibiotic.

She is showing her true Siberian Husky – she wants to walk! A long time.  She also wants to meet other dogs and people.  The dogs do not know what to do with her.  The people always ask in a very hushed voice ‘ What happened?’  They almost all whisper, it is too funny.

No, Brooklyn does not understand medical inquiries in English.  No worries.


Blind Dog needs Seeing Eye Human, day 1

(Thanks to Sean F. for the inspiration to this title!)

Yesterday we became foster parents again.  Let me say the day ended with Brooklyn asleep next to Glenn on the floor.  It was an exciting day for all of us.


This is Brooklyn.  She was surrendered to the shelter because her current owners could not care for her any longer.  One eye was severely diseased, the other just blind.  Both eyes had to be removed.  We will keep her until she is stable and then she will go to the Siberian Husky Rescue for another Foster placement until she can be adopted.  Brooklyn is a pretty amazing dog.

When I went to work, I left her in the downstairs bathroom and blocked the door with a wooden chair.  Upon my return, there was no dog  – nowhere downstairs.  I called her and she answered with a bark.  Brooklyn had made it out of the bathroom, pushed the chair aside, left a HUGE pee puddle in the middle of the kitchen, made her way upstairs, found her way into the upstairs bathroom, got the door closed and herself locked in.  Pretty amazing for someone who is blind and has a hard time navigating stairs, huh?

Another amazing experience was how she familiarized herself with our house.  We have no doors downstairs (only to the bathroom and the basement) but openings from the kitchen to the dining room and into a hall.  At one point at night, Brooklyn went from the kitchen to the dining room, onto Bella’s bed and back.  From the kitchen around the dining table and back.  From the kitchen into the living room and back.  It seemed like she was measuring the distances.  Sizing the rooms up.  Perfect.

I was really curious how Bella would react to Brooklyn.  Bella left her alone.  Completely.  Did some sniffing but basically went around her all the time.  No aggression, no play moves.  Blissful ingnorance.  What does she know?  Does she miss the visual clues, like averting or staring eyes?  That must be it.  Brooklyn also acted timid around Bella but loves following her.  The seeing eye dog for the blind dog.

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