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from hood to hoodie

As I predicted, I cranked out a bunch more of those hooded little jackets.

They basically sewed themselves, I almost had no control over the process. Meaning, I was addicted and couldn’t stop. Much to my own surprise because after sewing 200 pieces for Earth Moda about 2 years ago, I had decided that production wasn’t my cup of tea and on top of that way too hard on my shoulders.

What kept me going on these was probably also the continuously different fabrics for the hood liner… enough diversion to keep me motivated.

The other incentive is the handmade sale that I’m participating in this weekend. (see previous post!)

So, here we go – two days later, all the designs:

And, no, I won’t do production again.  Instead, I am getting a massage.


SewPo handmade sale, 3/26!

I will be participating in the handmade sale this coming Saturday, March 26!

Join a bunch of local peeps showcasing their wares!

Among other garments I made, I will also have my latest projects for sale – the short hooded jacket:

Perfect as a layering piece for Spring.


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