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… pretty, but uncomfortable

Aside form the GOP dress that I made at the coast, I also tackled a fabric I had for at least a decade.

silk? linen?

Many years ago, I found these two rolls of fabric at an estate sale and loved the light feel and look of them.  They are only 50cm (20in) wide and at the time I wondered if they were curtain fabrics. Now, I am not so sure anymore, maybe they were used for bridal wear or other fancy dresses.

I set out to find a pattern.

This pattern called for a light fabric – which I had!  It came out of my old Burda sewing magazines, also a few years back. I imagined an airy blouse over a dark tank and worn with jeans. While at it, I cut out the pattern in both the raspberry and the pink color.

Cutting the fabric, it frayed on all sides – which I anticipated as it is not very stable.  I knew that I did not want to serge it because the serged seams would have shown through. Therefore, I cut the pattern a bit wider so as to make french seams.

Feeling the fabric, I also noticed that it was somewhat stiff and that my blouse would have structure to it and not necessarily drape loosely.

it came together okay…

… although the french seams are a challenge as you sew your pieces together right side out!

After I was done, I diligently clipped back any fabric threads because I noticed that they poked my skin!

I like the look…

… but not how it FEELS! It is too stiff and the edges scrape my skin, it is almost itchy.  Soaking it in water with a little detergent did not help. It dried up almost as stiff. Wearing a turtleneck underneath defeats the purpose.

When I got home, I threw it on a chair in my sewing room. That is where it has been for the last days. I now need to muster up the courage to put it back on. Maybe the blouse does not like ME?

aaaah, sigh!


I want. And I’m stubborn.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I finally broke down and got myself an iPad. Well, technically, I got myself a toy and  I am fully aware of that. For the longest time, I researched the various tablet options and what they can do in depth to justify this purchase. When Apple came out with the new iPad and subsequently dropped the price for the iPad 2, I could no longer resist.

I got the girly one:

in white.

Naturally, you had to get some cover or protection with it. Their folding cover is so smart, it acts as a turn-on/off switch and a stand, so I ordered that one, too.

in blue. naturally.

Of course, that leaves the back unprotected, which is aluminum and could scratch when carting it around or laying it on hard surfaces.

Immediately after receiving the ‘toy’, I sat at my worktable and began to sew a cover. I used a remnant of the fabric I used for a cover for G.’s tablet, which I gave him for Christmas. Pretty much out of sentimental reasons because said tablet ‘ran’ off with another owner (along with various other precious belongings… but let’s not go there!) and because that cover looked so pretty, I wanted to duplicate it. Only, I did not quite have enough fabric to make the flap as long as I wanted.  And also because I basically never try anything on that I sew (or taste the food that I cook)… it did not – really –  fit.

yeah- too wide on the sides.

Since the fur-lined cover did not fit into my purse, I changed my mind and wanted to make some sort of a slip cover, an open envelope. Measured once, sewed… too tight in all aspects.

will fit upright. useless. 🙂

Okay, the third time is the charm, right? In this case, it took me three tries to finally get it  – I had to measure AND try:

fits snugly. perfect. thank heavens – finally!

pretty blue liner to match the cover.

Have I even said how much I like this iPad? I play music on it all week and the battery lasts almost that full week. The video and sound when skyping is far better than on the ‘other’ tablet.  The ways it handles and works the applications is plain awesome. I’m jazzed. Steve Jobs was a genius. He was stubborn too. So there is hope for me.

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