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Neighbor Frank

I think it is highly unlikely that Neighbor Frank is reading my blog – but if you do:  Thank you so much for letting me pick flowers from your front yard.

summer flowers

Frank seeded his strip next to the sidewalk with wildflowers last year.  He diligently watered them until they grew vigorously.  And then he offered for me to pick them for my shop.  This last winter we had this furious big freeze and lots of things died.  Not the wildflowers!  They came back more beautiful than last year.  I am so lucky to be able to pick them again.

Now, I do not know whether Frank is a father.  If he was a dad, I’d give him a pair of nice socks for Father’s Day.   He seems like the person who would enjoy a pair of fun socks under his slacks.

SM male selectionSM male fun

These are the incredible SmartWools. While they almost look like ordinary dress socks, they have a hidden fun side to them!  Check out the cuff and the sole!  The very best part about SmartWools is the fact that they wick moisture, you will never sweat in them even in hot summer days.  You can walk in them for hours without the danger of a blister! (this from a tourguide who walks all day long!)

Ozone male fun

These are cotton and plain fun on the outside.  just imagine crossing your legs and getting a peek at those under your boring blue or black pants.  I do not even want to go to the bermuda/shorts wearer who has NO style whatsoever wearing WHITE socks.  That is an abslute no-no.  A turn-off, guys.  Do these instead.

I might juts get Frank a pair, father or not.  He deserves it.


It could be worse…much worse

Imagine peacefully sleeping and your house slides down the mountain!  Yes. Yesterday morning at 5:40 the whole house of a lady slid down the mountain and took her with it.   In Portland!  The neighbors held a ladder out to her onto which she grabbed – that’s how she was saved.  Imagine – your house as a pile, leaving a bulldozed mountain behind.  Damaging four other houses that are now condemned.

Man, I take an economic slowdown anytime over that!

Remember the quilt that I was working on?  And how I was complaining about its weight?  Well, that also could be worse.  Believe me.  Amy showed me the one that her daughter literally chewed into chenille.  Thanks Amy, for not asking me to fix this one.

I guess the only landslide that I am experiencing at the moment are socks.  SOCKS.  TIGHTS.  I took me three full days to dig myself out of that one.  If one more sock wants to come into my door from the street, I will have to fight it back.  The only way I will see socks move is in the opposite direction.

The beautiful old Koffer I got from Poppy & Ivy is now filled with tights.

Where the tights used to be, I have now Capris, leggings and footless tights.  And more socks, stashed away.

Knee Highs.

I even had to employ the old sock pole.  It is now holding all the arm and legwarmers.

Socks I warn you – only go out – do not come in again!

It could be worse….

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