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Hot Dog, cold weather

The other day when it was super freezing cold, my dear husband thought the dog needs a coat.  Mind you, the dog has fur.  I am normally not one to dress up a pet but I guess this did not qualify as ‘dressing up’ – this was a necessity.  After all with the windchill the temperature was a mere 10 degrees.  (that is minus 12 Centigrade!)  He remembered the old wool jacket from Austria that I have not worn in decades, in part due to the fact that the moths had dined on it…

He put the whole jacket on her sticking her front paws through the arms.  She limped and looked like a moving jacket with a dog’s head on it.  So we cut the jacket to size.  The beauty of boiled wool is that you can cut it without it raveling.  Bella did not mind the jacket at all and the best part was that she walked on leash like a dream.


Does she not look awesome?

Did I say that I  sold socks?  Well, they are THE hit for the male partners right now.  The guys are coming in and Christmas-shop for their ladies.  And they buy socks.  They buy so many of them that I had to put in a rush order with two of my vendors.

Here is a favorite style:


Ergee, Trend Over-the-Knee in gray.


(hopefully not) the end of summer

It is raining today.  And cold.  The weatherman predicted a 30% chance of showers.  The paper said sunny.  The weatherman was more right.  People walk by with their hoods up.  Others have socks on for the first time in a looooong time.  (That would be me)  I am not ready for this! Let there still be more summer and more hot days!  My tomatoes need to ripen! Last night, I picked these

They are a family of Japanese Black Salad tomatoes.  I just love the shapes.  My camera seems to have been to shy to take a crisper picture….

I also received my Croenert shipment.  Every box to arrive at the store these days contains a happy surprise. Croenert is a German company and manufactures in Italy.  They use the most beautiful, soft yarns.

Since it was cold, I put sleeves on Sofia,

What they are best known for, however, are their Over-the-Knees.  They have been an all-time best seller at my store and this year they have added new colors.

The sun is peeking through the clouds.  Time to close the store for today.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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