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soft landing

After a forced stay in Chicago, I touched down safely below the snow capped Mt. Hood and next to the Columbia river.

It felt good. I am glad to be home. The weather is awesome (what’s not to like about hot days and cool nights?), the welcome was sweet and I am easing back into my life.

It always takes me a few days before I like the taste of coffee here. Europeans roast their beans differently and I can tell a distinct difference between the two.

Having friends over for a BBQ on the deck last night. Note the Aperol drink (Spritz, Bicicletta) in the front! Later the moon came out and we had a beautiful view of the stars (I guess they are the same all over the world…)

Back in my room. I am so happy!

I already accepted alterations and can do them right her in my own kingdom! As of next week, I’ll be watching Splurge every Saturday and can meet customers there!

I look forward to reconnect! Have a Happy weekend and here is to more summer in beautiful Portland, Oregon!


‘Tis the day before Christmas…

… and I had an Angel shovel my walk!


As you can see, the funny part is that ONLY my part of the sidewalk is clear.  Hm?  Asked the shoveler next door, it wasn’t him.  Asked the husband, too.  He thought this was a pretty nice thing to do and a perfectly good idea, but no, it wasn’t him either.  It is now well into the afternoon and I have asked a couple more people – still, the mystery remains unsolved.  I kinda’ doubt s/he will read my blog.

Whoever it was – Thank You, thank you, thank you!

I finally had the time to put Sofia in a pretty Holiday outfit.  Between selling all those socks.  Let me tell you – this sock-selling business is darn good.  I will have to post another entry devoted to sure-fire saleable items in a depression/recession AND and snow storm


Happy Holidays – Hanukkah – Kwanzaa – Merry Christmas from the  Lower Fremont, snow encrusted, walker populated street of Portland Oregon! (yes, that’s right, where normally any type of snow is gone in a couple of hours….)


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