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While I do have enough material to fill another ‘darling customer’ post, I’ll hold off on that and treat you to some outfit shots. After all, I’d like you to see what is IN the store, hanging on the racks.

This is the end of April and we had some days that made you swoon and think about spring and summer!

As most designers ship their seasonal items as early as February, I was subjected to pretty summer dresses for a good long time now. And I get to play with them.

That is how I figured out that have a few items that can be worn not like initially intended.

#1  Hazel navy/white maxi skirt

a very comfortable DRESS that actually stays up or a classy skirt...

The skirt waist has a sturdy enough elastic that doubles as a bandeau for a halter-less dress. I danced around in it for a while to make sure it stays up and won’t ‘expose’ you.  And if stays up on me – it will sure do it for you!

#2  Neesha ruched waist jersey skirt

this is the little skirt that goes everywhere!

This A-line skirt is so effortless. If you have something to tuck in, it will show its nicely ruched waistband and flare in a nice line. Wearing something over the waist, you can pull it down for a longer length and more classy look.

# 3  Hazel crochet fringe skirt

crazy and fun.

I know why I ordered this one. It is different. It will look great on a night out. It will certainly get you comments AND compliments. And again, it stays up!

Let’s go dance!



the little skirt that could

Summer is all about skirts!

Skirts come is so many shapes and colors – narrow and full, mini and long, printed, striped, checkered… They are so versatile – they can look as if part of a dress, draw all the attention to them, will work on a body that has different size requirements for top and bottom…

They are breezy and cool for summer weather. And they are so feminine!

When you look at MY closet, you might think, I am collector of skirts. I have SO many. In silk, cotton, linen, wool – lined and unlined, full and pencil. I wear skirts year round – short ones with tights in the winter, more modest lengths in summer.

The colors! The patterns! … and then I realized I have hardly a solid color skirt.

That’s when I decided I will try this Neesha skirt that is selling really well at the shop for myself.

it is simply GRAY.

 Like with all items that I take home from the shop, I needed first to see with WHAT this one would work before I make up a definite opinion.

And, wow, did this little number surprise me! I was able to make this skirt fit for the office, make it look retro, matched a huge number of tops to it!

To give you an impression, I have put together a few looks (of the many) to show this skirt off.

easy outfit, great color combination

elegant with silk blouse

airy with my decade-old halter top

a blouse I hardly ever wear

retro with halter top

simple: gray and white

dressed up with fitted blouse

paired with Neesha t-shirt

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