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I am not (!) Imelda Marcos.

But close. I DO have a lot of shoes.

I am getting ready to list a few for sale on ebay and that gave me the idea to have a closer look at the ones I own.

You know, I like comfortable shoes. Shoes that look stylish AND that I can walk in. I also like for my shoes to match my outfit. In fact, when packing for a trip, I start with the shoes. I like to wear the most bulky and heavy ones on the plane and carry at most three pairs more.  The shoes determine what clothes I take.

In examining my shoes I thought I will share with you HOW I wear them.  And of course, this being summer, most of my shoes are colorful. Below, I paired a couple of dresses from the store with my orange sandals.

Camper wedge – orange, yellow, purple heel

I wear leggings a lot. For two reasons:  number 1 is the fact that I have spider veins (thanks mom!). My legs aren’t the legs I used to have. However, I do like short skirts and dresses – that is where the leggings (or capris) come in. number 2:  it cools off around here quite a bit at night and mornings seem on the cooler side.  Leggings are the answer to my bike ride.

peacock patterned Neesha dress, leggings.

Since the heel on those sandals are purple, I can wear them with a purple dress. I’m not sure you can see my orange (Carnelian) earrings – those tie everything together.

jersey dress by Anni Kuan

So much for the first installment.

Next up:

my latest acquisition – blue Miz Mooz sandals!

They will go perfectly with this halter dress:

dress: my own creation.

Stay tuned. 🙂


photo shoot

Although not a shy person, I am always reluctant to ask my customers to pose for a picture when they buy (or try on) an outfit that looks just right on them. Call it privacy reasons. Call it lack of real camera skills. I just don’t do it and later regret not having pictures of anything on a REAL person.

By the time I have a serious photo shoot with a professional photographer and the pictures up, I usually have sold out of the merchandise.

Most of the time, I am trying something on at the shop and want pictures RIGHT THERE AND THEN. Still in love with the camera on my phone, I have taken a  good number of pics of MYSELF and will take the risk of posting them RIGHT HERE.  Call it self-promotion. Shameless self-promotion, because all of what I have on looks FABULOUS on me. There you have it. (I DID say, I wasn’t shy)

Neesha black dress, Falke fishnet stockings

This dress either shows off cleavage, a nice necklace or can be worn with a camisole underneath. The stockings are out of this world.

Hazel beaded racerback top

A little ‘complicated’ number that I had to tweak a bit to make it good. The front was gaping, therefore I added two pleats… and now it fits!

Hazel ruched turtleneck, Sofada lace sheath, Anni Kuan crop jeans

You can’t see the lace really well but this hot sheath will look good over anything tight-fitting. I love the cowl neck on the sweater! (shows off my pretty YedOmi necklace)

Mavi Cora low rise, super dark denim jeans

 I’ve been sneaking around these jeans for days now. I really do not need another pair of jeans but they fit so well! I am small but curvy and most jeans gape in the back for me.  Not this one!  They hug my hips just right and have the right flare at the bottom to make my legs look proportioned.

Wanna see for yourself? Come on over and try on any of these!


raindrops keep falling on my head…

… and my brother reports 35degrees (95F) IN THE SHADE in Turkey! … and in this country, we have 34 states suffering from a heat wave!

… and in Portland, we live in the naturally air-conditioned cool summer.  Duh.
What was this season called? I forget.

On the bright side: My car got washed by the rain and looks a bit better with the dust gone. My garden needed watering ONCE this so-called summer and my plants are just so happy with all this coolness and rain.

Eh… but this is July, right? It is supposed to be hot and nice. We need to be able to wear all of our nice summer dresses that we have hanging in the closet, we need to show some skin and pretty toes in sandals.

And I just reordered more sun dresses and sleeveless tops for the ever-so-slow-coming summer. You hear me? I still have high hopes that you show up and make good for all this rain!

And let me wear theses pretties:

Neesha turquoise ruffle dress


Hazel lace a-line dress

 Sun? Summer? Tomorrow, maybe?

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