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this is what I’m after

It has been a particular slow day at the store.

As I was getting my afternoon coffee fix, I talked to R. and we both agreed that we have long given up on ‘claiming’ that we know what makes a day slow or good.

Forget the weather: we can have killer days during a heat wave.

Forget other neighboring events: people show or don’t NO MATTER what else is going on.

You can even forget the economy: loyal customers come to the neighborhood stores, not matter HOW much $$ they have to spend.

(I LOVE those people!)

So, this is number 1 of what I’m after (- to keep me AWAKE):

Lately, I have been pondering the idea of a mobile store (I’ve talked about it here and here)

Portland is full of mobile food establishments;

what it is lacking are mobile retailers.

Check out this gal on facebook: Lodekka

…which makes number 2 that I’m after (to keep me EMPLOYED):

We’ll see.


what’s in (a) store

Part of this journey was supposed to gear me up for the next step.

First, thinking of what has worked well.  Thinking about the parts of my store life that energized me every day (aside from my lovely customers and the conversations we have…) Next, thinking of the parts that worked well but need tweaking. And lastly, deciding what to keep and what to shed.

I also wanted to get inspired by stores that I see here.

A glimpse:

(I love the lighting, the subtle texture of the back wall and the colors)

(I’ve been thinking of my friend Amy in more than one way:  the name is “Holland’s”)

(a shoe store, again: the lighting and the simplicity of the shelving is intriguing)

And what about this? A mobile store!

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