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The cat (deep sigh) and the Wedding Dress

… is NEVER a good combination.

I’ve had this beautiful vintage wedding dress in the shop for a while.  For a ‘while’ because a few things needed to happen before the bride actually will wear this dress.

a) the wedding isn’t until June

b) the bride needs to loose some weight in order to properly fit into it.

lace dresslace dress bust

and c) the cat had gotten into the closet and took the dress for a scratching post

lace broken

This dress is handmade and the lace rather delicate.

Above:  BEFORE

Below: AFTER

lace fixed

And while you can see my thread running through, I think it turned out pretty well.

Now just keep it away from the cat until June.


what WAS I thinking?

Sometimes I really doubt myself.

All through this last year – even in the summer – people kept asking me about lacy leggings.  Of course I had sold out and felt terrible, thinking that IF I only had ordered more, I would be that much richer now.  This whole legging business is strange anyhow.  Two years ago, you could have GIVEN them to people and they would have rejected them.  ‘What?  I lived through that.  Not again.’  Something changed.  All of a sudden people WANTED leggings.  The skirt, dress -whatever- will look SO MUCH cuter with leggings!

All right then.  For this Fall/Winter season I was determined to satisfy my customer’s craving for leggings, especially lacy ones.  So I ordered.  Plenty.

This one is by Ergee.  Super soft and stretchy.  And good-looking, too – right?

This one is by b.ella and actually called a Capri.  I assume because it is a bit wider on the leg and does not cling to the ankle.  It also has a line along the back side – sexy!!!

Amazingly enough – lace does not seem to be the biggest hit this year.  So I was wrong.  I still think they look great. Throw on a wool dress, a tunic, a long cardi – and WOW with those leggings.   Where are you women who wanted them????

What was I thinking?

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