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I’m in stitches

Would you believe it? I am deep into my SECOND big knitting project!

2013-01-02 14.11.40

After years and years of knitting a shawl here and another pair of socks there – or maybe a quick armwarmer – I couldn’t wait to get started on my next big project, right after I finished this jacket:

jkt front

(You can see my Ravelry notes here)

Knitting is productive albeit slow. Sewing can get you to your finished product a bit faster, I think.

Over the years, there has always been something that held my attention for a certain timeframe and I would devote a lot of time to it. I remember when I was deep into ebay and bidding and would spend entire nights trying to score one bargain or another. That was even when I only had dial-up. (remember the screetch when connecting to the internet?) My fascination with online bidding has since waned, and I have had a fast internet connection for longer than I can remember.

Then I received a computer camera for a birthday gift and signed up for skype. Wow, did I get sucked into that – whole nights were skyped away with half the world.

Sewing as a passion comes and goes – there are months when I don’t do anything and then others when I get carried away making one thing or another. And can’t stop.

The exciting aspect of all this is that I really look forward to the activity. I like to get all absorbed and watch the progress.

So this time around it is knitting – again.

I have always wanted to have a jacket to wear over a certain tight-fitting brown jersey dress. The green jacket above doesn’t work with it. Reading around in my usual blogs, I found this jacket Tasia of Sewaholic made:

photo courtesy of Sewaholic, a fine sewing/craft blog!

photo courtesy of Sewaholic, a fine sewing/craft blog!

Tasia is wearing it over a dress and I think it might work for my dress as well! I love how tight fitting and short it is.

Instead of the pattern insert this jacket uses, I will modify it to this one:

upper part only, may have to tinker with it a bit

upper part only, may have to tinker with it a bit

I am only visually following the jacket pattern; I am trusting my knitting abilities that it will come out. (after all – I spent my entire university years knitting during lectures!)

Here is a picture of the back in progress:

my 'pattern'

my ‘pattern’

Stay tuned for the finished project!

Happy weekend!


I don’t have time for this!

Right now, there are a few ‘SHOULDS” looming over my head:

I SHOULD bake some Christmas cookies.

I SHOULD make a few presents (I HAVE them in my head)

I SHOULD get my tree and decorate it too.

I SHOULD mail off my presents (especially those to overseas)

I SHOULD call my mother.

What do I do instead?

I obsessed over getting this jacket done.

jkt front

It took about two months to knit.

I haven’t knit a big piece like this in many, many years. If I remember right, the last time I knit a sweater was back in college… and for the then boyfriend on top of it. After that, it was straight scarves and socks – easy projects, finished in little time.

This one has close to 200 stitches across the body and a pattern to keep you interested when working these endless rows. While on my recent trip to Europe, I knit the sleeves. (I always take a knitting project to my mother’s – reading at her house does not work as she interrupts me constantly)

Cable on the arms - so I wouldn't get bored.

Cable on the arms – so I wouldn’t get bored.

The back - fits nice and tight.

The back – fits nice and tight.


Metal buttons from an outlet near my hometown! (Warthausen)

Metal buttons from an outlet near my hometown! (Warthausen)










Now it is done. I used up the last inch of yarn to make the collar as wide as possible.  Nothing is left. Absolutly nothing.

Which means I need to tend to my above projects, right? 🙂



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