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This is how I work – part 2

Well, in a couple more sessions, the jacket was done!  I do have to transport my projects from the house to the store and back, though, because I only own ONE regular sewing machine.  Most projects require serging the seams – and my super-duper Babylock is at home, the sewing machine at the shop.

This particular fabric had to be serged as the edges frayed immediately after cutting.  So onto the cutting table at home:

We’ve seen this picture before…. Pictured are my most valuable tools:  the cutting mat (huge!), the rotary cutter (especially for lining and jersey), my left-handed sheers (Gingher – superb quality!) and the glass, of course.  Have to have a little pick-me-up while working, right?

Back to the shop for hemming the lining. Back home for attaching the lining to the outer fabric.  And voila – the finished project:


This is how I work

For most of my shop time, I have taken on custom work – just because I like to sew.  Little did I know, how hard I became on myself doing it.

For one thing, I THINK I am a pretty good seamstress.  Most of the time I think so highly of myself that I do not even try on what I make for myself.  Needless to say that this practice has cost me not only a lot of fabric (because it does NOT fit) but has also resulted in countless disappointments.

When I sew for other people, though, I am VERY conscientious.  I want for the item to fit.  I have them come in for -sometimes multiple-fittings.  I want them to like what I have created.

And these are the exact reasons why I so very reluctantly sew for people anymore.  Too time consuming.  Too much of my ego at stake.

That is also the reason why I had this fabric laying around since summer.  Yes, that’s right, since SUMMER.  In addition, it is a beautiful Kente cloth FROM Africa.  It is supposed to be a jacket.  It has to be a very simple jacket, because is isn’t a whole lot of fabric.

I finally got around to cutting it out.

This is how I work.

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