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For 23 seconds now, the rain stopped. The wind let up. It’s dripping fat drops form the eaves.

It stopped and there are faint sunbeams in the distance.


A few more days and it will be March.  This and the fact that I took the above picture earlier this week while visiting the Bay Area where it was pleasantly warm – makes me want to toss the sweaters and tights to the side and think about lighter clothing. Brighter colors. Soft fabrics.

Anni Kuan silk blouse

Anni Kuan silk blouse

Look how the sun is playing with the fabric! I have the good fortune of looking directly into the sun from where I sit. When its out, that is.

Hazel knit/crochet cotton dress

Hazel knit/crochet cotton dress

The eyelet design of this airy dress makes me want to float through a breezy summer day.  The dress comes with a white slip, but I decorated it with a black one to show off the pretty design.  I then remembered that I have an orange one in my closet, which in turn made me take the dress home.

Anni Kuan jersey dress with turquoise piping

Anni Kuan jersey dress with turquoise piping

A last teaser for now because the sun is blinding me. (YEAH!)  These are only the first of many new items that will arrive shortly.

And then I will attend the apparel show next week to buy….Fall and Winter! I’ll never wrap my head around this schedule. I might go there in my down jacket, just because.




… and so the Holidays begin

With one US American Holiday solidly behind us, the next one is FAST approaching.

First order of business:  Get the Christmas lights up at the shop.

And while I am the one that cuts their Christmas tree three days before Christmas is actually happening and decorates it maybe TWO days before – you simply cannot wait that long when you have a store.  We need to get our customers into the Christmas shopping spirit as ’tis is the season that helps us pay our bills.  Big time.

At least we waited until AFTER Thanksgiving.

Like always, Naomi is our creative director and I simply help putting things together.  And also like always, I think our windows turned out spectacular!

Then boxes with new merchandise arrive… and they contain heavenly items fit for a PARTY!

Darlin of London - Elsie skirt and Faye cardi with grey pearls!

Elsie skirt paired with Hazel cardi (gold lurex shimmmer!)













Both of these items can be worn separately –  the two cardigans will look stunning paired with black slacks or jeans and the skirt can be worn mostly all year!

Darling of London Ciara dress, black chiffon with flower embroidery on top!

Darling of London Elsie dress - same fabric like the above skirt and POCKETS!

Hazel fully lined lace mini dress - thanks to sweet Simone to model this!














At Citrine, we also have everything to go with these adorable outfits – from stockings to scarves, jackets to coats AND the best jewelry!

Yesterday, this beautiful lady came in to get earrings to match the black chiffon dress.  She wanted the earrings to be the center piece of her outfit and Michelle Obama to notice them.

Chalcedony drops on sterling by YedOmi

Yes, you read that right – these earrings are going to the WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!



photo shoot

Although not a shy person, I am always reluctant to ask my customers to pose for a picture when they buy (or try on) an outfit that looks just right on them. Call it privacy reasons. Call it lack of real camera skills. I just don’t do it and later regret not having pictures of anything on a REAL person.

By the time I have a serious photo shoot with a professional photographer and the pictures up, I usually have sold out of the merchandise.

Most of the time, I am trying something on at the shop and want pictures RIGHT THERE AND THEN. Still in love with the camera on my phone, I have taken a  good number of pics of MYSELF and will take the risk of posting them RIGHT HERE.  Call it self-promotion. Shameless self-promotion, because all of what I have on looks FABULOUS on me. There you have it. (I DID say, I wasn’t shy)

Neesha black dress, Falke fishnet stockings

This dress either shows off cleavage, a nice necklace or can be worn with a camisole underneath. The stockings are out of this world.

Hazel beaded racerback top

A little ‘complicated’ number that I had to tweak a bit to make it good. The front was gaping, therefore I added two pleats… and now it fits!

Hazel ruched turtleneck, Sofada lace sheath, Anni Kuan crop jeans

You can’t see the lace really well but this hot sheath will look good over anything tight-fitting. I love the cowl neck on the sweater! (shows off my pretty YedOmi necklace)

Mavi Cora low rise, super dark denim jeans

 I’ve been sneaking around these jeans for days now. I really do not need another pair of jeans but they fit so well! I am small but curvy and most jeans gape in the back for me.  Not this one!  They hug my hips just right and have the right flare at the bottom to make my legs look proportioned.

Wanna see for yourself? Come on over and try on any of these!


Dressing for the Holidays, part 2

While I still am not playing Christmas tunes at the shop, I have moved up a little and am listening to the Jazz Music Network and their guitar and smooth voices  station.  Almost like Christmas songs.  And after I will have put up my tree at the house and get into the spirit a tad bit more – I will play the Christmas songs.  Especially the ones that are about snow – because we don’t have any and it would be so nice!!!!

I was also playing with accessories for the holidays and here is what I have come up with:

This dress is a dark petrol velvet by Hazel and it is very festive all by itself.  I have jazzed it up with a beaded scarf by Zazou.  The scarf has a little vintage look (20ies) to it.

This scarf is also by Zazou.  It has silver threads encased in sheer black fabric.  Stunning.

The kimono shawl by Zazou.  Burnt orange silk with a Japanese inspired motif all over.

Another floating thread scarf.  The picture does not do the intense green threads any justice.

All of theses scarves will look VERY festive on any outfit.  Now or for your New Year’s party.


Dressing for the Holidays – part 1

I would say that by now, almost EVERY store I go into has some sort of Christmas tunes tweeting from their stereos.  And while that still does not do anything for me and I pity the store clerks who had to listen to this music for the last four weeks, I must admit that I DO feel kind of festive these days.  I have seen beautifully decorated trees in my friends houses, we had had an arctic cold front come through, I baked cookies, held a Holiday market and bought some gifts.  There is a (good) chocolate Advent Calendar in my house and I am having fun creating an online one for my friends.

So, it is about time to think about the party dresses.

My first installment shall be about some outfits that would look good at any party.

This dress is by Kersh, is knee-length, looks just darling – and will work even after the holidays when put over a pair of jeans.

A delicate velvet shift dress by Anni Kuan, covered by a red cardigan by Armand&Alba.

Folklore stitch blouse by Hazel combined with Anni Kuan’s black ‘fuzz’ skirt.  Great also separately.

A classic, vintage inspired, body-hugging dress, also by Kersh.  Length below the knee.

This top is by Hazel, has a wide scoop neck and will go with slacks or a long skirt.

To commemorate the spirit, I am wearing a green/red plaid skirt today, red sweater and tights and green boots!


so Portland!

Yesterday, I had my hair cut in a part of town that I used to go to a lot but don’t anymore.  Probably because I now live on the ‘other side of town’.  The Hawthorne area is SO Portland and this is where I stumbled across this coffee shop.


The quirkiness and charm just enchants me.  There are so many things to look at!  License plates, street names, pictures….  not to mention the name:  Acme Coffee.

On this remarkable date (09/09/09), I am looking at my fall shipments and let me tell you:  I have received So Portland as well.  Just a couple of pieces to get you started (the cools socks are waiting to be photographed!):

Hazel brown skirt

This  coffee brown skirt by Hazel has so many different fabrics stitched into it, it almost looks like patchwork.  Can’t wait to see this one with some chunky boots and a thick sweater.

Hazel cream coat

Also by Hazel, this coat of soft brushed cotton is so stylish and so bold.  Yet, the color makes it very feminine.  I just want to sink my hands into the deeps pockets and stroll up and down Hawthorne Avenue.

Happy Ninth of September!


Morning Walk: Perfect Circle

circle flower

I’ve always been impressed with this perfect little gem.

Not only is is perfectly round and almost flat, but I love what colors nature chose for it.

I do not know its name or how and where it likes to grow.

It reminded me of this:

Hazel flower skirt

This is a retro-inspired skirt by Hazel.

Lovely colors, almost flat when twirled in.

Hazel flower skirt detail

And just to tease you little more:  detail of the print.

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