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I am pretty conservative

Yes, I AM… in certain areas.

Take for instance my love for old cars; I go gaga over these old beauties.  I love the design, the lines, the colors.

… such as this red MG parked in front of the store!

As I was tinkering around the shop this morning, I also noticed that for all these years, I have stuck with the same designers. The same FEW designers. I like my people. I like knowing what I can expect from their deliveries. Even their flaws are predictable. (such as buttons falling off …) The other day, I altered a jacket from one of my favorite peeps, Anni Kuan. As I was opening the jacket, exposing its inner side, I was so happy to have reaffirmed what I’ve come to appreciate for the last 6 years – her tailoring is impeccable!

Anni Kuan, great fabric and style

SkunkFunk – design with an edge

Hazel, predictably fun.












another Anni on my friend L.

Whitewash skirt, Hazel vest, Sofada top

fall beauty by Hazel













Even my clothing reps know that I won’t just ‘try out’ a new line… easily.  I ponder and think before I add somebody unknown. That’s why I liked Neesha; they only had a few basics at first, which was easier to risk.

and now Neesha is one of my best sellers!

My perfume is conservative – I have been using the same scent for at least 12 years.

I adore some of the old classic movies, and can get chills listening to great artists like Nina Simone or David Byrne.

I am also incredibly loyal to my friends. It is very difficult to get on my bad side. Once I have a friend, I stick with them. (… for the most part; there maybe be the odd one from which I moved apart – literally and spiritually) I like the history we have together, the honesty we share, the things we do together. There are certain things I do with certain people. And have over many, many years.

I am a Taurus. I dig my heels in. I am pretty grounded, too. (this state only ends when I board a plane to go places)

I hang onto my clothes. I darn socks. I keep shoes forever.

All that makes me pretty conservative, right? At least in those departments….

Now, don’t get me started on politics.








fall is lurking around the corner?

Yes, the calendar says it is SEPTEMBER. School starts the day after tomorrow. Flowers are wilting and drying up. Tomatoes finally ripen.

… and we are still having a most beautiful SUMMER!

Over the last week, my UPS guy has stopped almost every day with a new box. Of FALL merchandise! I know that clothing manufacturers have their ideas of deliveries, which at this point in time really does not coincide with the season.

Does not matter – I finally broke down and moved all summer stuff onto a ‘sale’ rack. Unpacked my boxes and started steaming the new outfits with the air conditioning ON.  And it is lovely!  More muted colors, thicker fabrics, long sleeves – ideas of covering up and warming myself by a fire crept up.


A glimpse into FALL and WINTER styles

cozy two tone dress by Hazel

shirt dress in soft jersey by Anni Kuan

wool cardigan by Darling of London

hooded, fitted dress in organic cotton by SkunkFunk

As one customer put it the other day:  When you buy Fall clothing NOW you have the best choices!

Now wait until I post the coats that I have in the store!   (… still a bit early for that, I think!)


I move and see

The other day, a friend of mine posted something to the effect of: moving makes you feel better. Actually, I think the article was about ‘exercising’ and how your mood increases, your stress level goes down and you just feel better when being active.

I do not think that I needed to read the article, just the headline alone says it all. The article described a study done with mice and moving, and being chased and how in the end the one that ran around had better brain readings of some sort. I forget.

What I DO know, though, is that if THIS mouse (me) does not move, I get crabby. Big time. I actually do not so much feel this in my body (stiff limbs and such) but IN MY BRAIN. Something does not compute well up there if I just sit or surf the couch. I need to move to feel good, to feel balanced to feel in sync with myself and the world.

So, I have been rather happy and grateful for the pleasant weather as of late. Because that means that I can ride my bike to work. Biking is fast enough to get me there in 20 minutes and slow enough to take in the smells and the sights.

I have mentioned the pretty houses along the way before but lately I have been seeing CARS. As of today, I gathered a handful pictures that I like to share.

I love the bully front and orange color!

either an Oldsmobile or Chevy... and BLUE!

I want that one. In that color - maybe a few years older than this.

The first electric car that actually looks good.

Nissan Leaf. Zero emission car. Goes 90mi on one charge. Now, if we only discover how to make electricity without polluting the earth.

 And this is what I see at the store:

This one makes my heart move.



I know it is not Spring yet.  On the calendar not for a loooong time.  Unfortunately.  However, when the sun is out, even in February, people perk up.  Sit on the bench next to my store and chat.  Everyone is friendly and cheerful.  We NEED the sun!  And yes, my store is packed with spring dresses.  Such as the one that Naomi picked out the other day:


Not only does she look adorable in it (she did throw on a big coat to walk over here from Splurge) – but look at her:  She designed a piece of jewelry to match the dress perfectly!



The dress by Hazel is made of a lightweight silk/cotton mix, ends in three tiers and is fully lined.  The straps on the embroidered bodice are adjustable.  That particular day, Naomi wore it over a pair of jeans.  She pulls it off so nicely, I am proud for her as my walking, beautiful advertising.  Needless to say that I am a major SUCKER for her jewelry.


the pain of choosing

Adding to my earlier post about the brand names, I have added this new brand to my store and I am so in love with it.  Partly because all I see in fashion magazines right now are girly styles.  I believe the reason for that is the dire state our economy (and not only our’s, the entire world’s economy).  Therefore, the fashion designers are embellishing every design.  We now have ruffles, embroidery, full skirts, dresses that remind of the 40s.  Everything womanly and VERY feminine.

Am I am so glad to have been born a girl.  I get to wear all this.  And there is nothing like a pretty skirt that makes you feel beautiful.  The way it swings around your legs.  The reflection in a window when you walk by.  The pretty colors.

That is why I have such a hard time choosing from all the pieces that Elisha showed me the other day.  Ruffly tops.  Layered.  Eyelets.   Full swing skirts.  Flowy fabrics.  Sheers.  What am I supposed to do?

For now, I am just going to upload my favorites.  And look at it from a different perspective.  And, of course, ignore my budget completely.


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