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The Greek theme

Now that I have finally caught up and straightened out the store, entered receipts, paid bills and looked at all the new merchandise that came in during my absence – I remember something I heard on the radio.  The piece was about Michelle Obama, her fashion style and … Greece.  I cannot recall the exact wording but something was said to the effect that dresses and fashion has a Greek theme to them this summer.  Maybe Ms. Obama was wearing something to that effect and the media caught on.  While we all know that fashion repeats itself and certain influences show up in the designs – I was not aware of Greece when picking out my summer fashions.

Well – what do you know – that Greek ‘theme’ stuck with me, and sure enough, I find some Greek-inspired pieces among the new orders that came in.


Anni Kuan calls this dress the ‘Grecian’.  The neckline and the fall of this jersey dress certainly does it justice.


This one is by Press and has the same simple lines – a high bust and simple hanging skirt.


And here is the ultimate European fashion:  a Maxi dress.  I did see a lot of those in the shop windows in Europe and women wearing them.  While I admit that it might not be a good office dress – it will make the best for weekends and garden parties.  EVERY woman will look great in this.  The color combination is also perfect:  white/ yellow/gray. And did I mention pockets?  It should sell itself just for the pockets.

And here this SkunkFunk top:


It does not get more greek-ish.  On a side note:  all of these styles will hide certain unwanted rolls in different places.

So as for my store – I am all with Michelle Obama:  Greek rocks.


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