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uh-oh… this might be one of THOSE days!

Tonight will be a Full Moon and a Blue Moon at that.

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As with every Full Moon, the energy is always a bit messed up. However, I was not prepared for it to mess with me just the way it did this morning. This might just be one of THOSE days.

There is hardly anything more that could have gone wrong with my morning. The latest of this chain of events was that I looked back at my bicycle basket at a stop sign only to discover that the dress I had to have altered for this gal’s graduation today WAS MISSING.

I had lost it.

I had lost this dress that needed to be at the shop at 11 for her to pick it up. Holy crap. How far back?  Did a car run over it? Did someone take it?  All these scenarios ran through my head along with, ‘what the heck am I going to tell HER’?

this is the dress I would have offered her as a replacement….

I turned my bike around, and traced my way.  Where IS this dress?  Please, please let me find it! Since I was almost at the shop, I had  a loooong way of back-tracking.  I had last seen it at my friend D’s house where I stopped for a quick hello – even there I had to tuck it back into the basket because it was on the verge of falling out.  It was there, at D’s house where I almost knocked my bike over getting on.  Ouch.

This made the second ‘ouch’ of the day. I had an ‘epic fall’ earlier this morning: when coming down the (carpeted) stairs behind the dog, I stepped on her tail with my bare foot. As she was in motion, the tail gently slid out from under my foot (she didn’t even yelp!) and took me with it… all remaining four steps down. That was a big tumble I might feel tomorrow!

All this after having woken with a headache and a dream about my mother,  in which she was ironing my socks! –

Could it get any worse? Yes, had I not recovered the dress. Which I did – about two thirds of the way back home.  That made me late to the shop, of course, where my customer was waiting already because she needed that darn dress!

Here is to the rest of the day going more smoothly. I threw on a beautiful necklace with a lot of gemstones hoping that some of them have properties to ward off any more evil for today.

Ruby, Quartz, Crystal, Amethyst – they MUST help! (YedOmi, of course)

I’d be curious to hear if any of you, readers, had a similar Blue Moon day like I did today?



I have been collecting various light sources over the last few weeks.

Little did I know that I could use some soothing, creative, glittering light RIGHT NOW.

I have it!

And this one:

Let the moon light up your night!

Wherever you are!

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