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Every Friday, I get this email newsletter, called Portland Picks.  It is a roundup of all the new spots that open, fashionable places, restaurants and the like.  Reading it, you are on the pulse on what is happening around town.  The one that I am quoting here is mostly for women, however, they do have one for men as well ( I never read that one…)

Today, this intro caught my eye:

“It’s official. We are back on board with leggings. After many years of deeming them “too Tween” or “too reminiscent of stirrup pants” for our tastes, we discovered that they’re not only insanely comf, but hide a multitude of overanalyzed (and possibly imagined) midsection sins.

Beer belly? Buh-bye! Just pop on a tunic and some leggings. A little hippy? Hide that wide behind with a menswear-cut shirt and a fitted boyfriend jacket… and some leggings. Thunderous thighs? You know what to do… boots and leggings! Oh, it’s absolutely genius.”

I can’t agree more.  I HATED leggings for so many years!  And now, I won’t even admit how many pairs I own – I have lacy and solid and patterned leggings.  I wear them in transitional weather, just the right cover, but without socks.  I wear them with a super short dress or tunic, I wear them with over-the-knees and boots.  Yes, and I do admit that my legs might still be shapely but are not so pretty anymore.  So, leggings are it!

hazel butterfly tunic

This mohair tunic, the leggings and either sandals or mary-janes.

press navy knit tunic

Imagine chunky boots here and you are dressed!

BTW:  These fuchsia leggings (by Falke) are not the only ones I have!  I can offer black lace, your basic black or brown as well as green, blue, turquoise and red LEGGINGS!


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