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Every Friday, I get this email newsletter, called Portland Picks.  It is a roundup of all the new spots that open, fashionable places, restaurants and the like.  Reading it, you are on the pulse on what is happening around town.  The one that I am quoting here is mostly for women, however, they do have one for men as well ( I never read that one…)

Today, this intro caught my eye:

“It’s official. We are back on board with leggings. After many years of deeming them “too Tween” or “too reminiscent of stirrup pants” for our tastes, we discovered that they’re not only insanely comf, but hide a multitude of overanalyzed (and possibly imagined) midsection sins.

Beer belly? Buh-bye! Just pop on a tunic and some leggings. A little hippy? Hide that wide behind with a menswear-cut shirt and a fitted boyfriend jacket… and some leggings. Thunderous thighs? You know what to do… boots and leggings! Oh, it’s absolutely genius.”

I can’t agree more.  I HATED leggings for so many years!  And now, I won’t even admit how many pairs I own – I have lacy and solid and patterned leggings.  I wear them in transitional weather, just the right cover, but without socks.  I wear them with a super short dress or tunic, I wear them with over-the-knees and boots.  Yes, and I do admit that my legs might still be shapely but are not so pretty anymore.  So, leggings are it!

hazel butterfly tunic

This mohair tunic, the leggings and either sandals or mary-janes.

press navy knit tunic

Imagine chunky boots here and you are dressed!

BTW:  These fuchsia leggings (by Falke) are not the only ones I have!  I can offer black lace, your basic black or brown as well as green, blue, turquoise and red LEGGINGS!


Hot Dog, cold weather

The other day when it was super freezing cold, my dear husband thought the dog needs a coat.  Mind you, the dog has fur.  I am normally not one to dress up a pet but I guess this did not qualify as ‘dressing up’ – this was a necessity.  After all with the windchill the temperature was a mere 10 degrees.  (that is minus 12 Centigrade!)  He remembered the old wool jacket from Austria that I have not worn in decades, in part due to the fact that the moths had dined on it…

He put the whole jacket on her sticking her front paws through the arms.  She limped and looked like a moving jacket with a dog’s head on it.  So we cut the jacket to size.  The beauty of boiled wool is that you can cut it without it raveling.  Bella did not mind the jacket at all and the best part was that she walked on leash like a dream.


Does she not look awesome?

Did I say that I  sold socks?  Well, they are THE hit for the male partners right now.  The guys are coming in and Christmas-shop for their ladies.  And they buy socks.  They buy so many of them that I had to put in a rush order with two of my vendors.

Here is a favorite style:


Ergee, Trend Over-the-Knee in gray.


what WAS I thinking?

Sometimes I really doubt myself.

All through this last year – even in the summer – people kept asking me about lacy leggings.  Of course I had sold out and felt terrible, thinking that IF I only had ordered more, I would be that much richer now.  This whole legging business is strange anyhow.  Two years ago, you could have GIVEN them to people and they would have rejected them.  ‘What?  I lived through that.  Not again.’  Something changed.  All of a sudden people WANTED leggings.  The skirt, dress -whatever- will look SO MUCH cuter with leggings!

All right then.  For this Fall/Winter season I was determined to satisfy my customer’s craving for leggings, especially lacy ones.  So I ordered.  Plenty.

This one is by Ergee.  Super soft and stretchy.  And good-looking, too – right?

This one is by b.ella and actually called a Capri.  I assume because it is a bit wider on the leg and does not cling to the ankle.  It also has a line along the back side – sexy!!!

Amazingly enough – lace does not seem to be the biggest hit this year.  So I was wrong.  I still think they look great. Throw on a wool dress, a tunic, a long cardi – and WOW with those leggings.   Where are you women who wanted them????

What was I thinking?


Is this actually just a ….hat?

On my way back from Los Angeles earlier this week, I sat next to a buyer for a large catalog-based clothing store.  She was commenting on the fashion in the Northwest.  ‘It takes about a year for the fashion to arrive from Europe in New York,’ she said, ‘and then another one to get to Los Angeles.  It will take another full year to arrive in Portland after that.’  So we are THREE years behind.  Buying now for spring/summer of 2009 did not seem to be all that bad after hearing this.  Actually, I don’t even have to be afraid if the clothing does not sell right away… I have a full three years before it is EVEN IN STYLE around here.  Hm.

However, one thing that I see all around and have been seeing is the stocking cap.  The hat.  The lid.  Whatever.  Went to a concert of a friend of mine last weekend and the place was packed with ‘lidded’ people.  Men and women.

Now that is one thing I have plenty of.  I started to carry this type of accessory this year.  Well, maybe I am three years late on that.  Or it was always in fashion.

Now, Portlanders, I have you covered.


just in time

The rains are arriving.  That is exactly what the paper said.  And that is exactly what happened.  It rained.  And still does.

Yesterday, my bank account showed two LARGE charges and I braced myself.  For the UPS man. By now, I know what to expect.  He started laughing when he dropped off the two immensely large boxes and I told him I knew he was coming.  From looking at my bank account.

I took me pretty much all day yesterday and today to unpack, unravel, sort and log all the new stuff.  Mostly socks.  I must have been insane ordering all these socks.  There are now 18 different over-the-knees!  I don’t even want to count the regular socks…

Every year, I expand not only the sock and tight section – this year I ordered hats, caps, gloves, mittens AND scarves for the first time.  Had to get some ladies, too, to show them off:

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