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2nd jacket – done!

My second big knitting project is done!

blue jkt  finished

When the knitting bug hit me last fall, I actually wanted to knit a BROWN jacket… thinking that I want something to compliment this dress:

tight fitting jersey dress by Anni Kuan

tight fitting jersey dress by Anni Kuan

Admittedly, this dress NEEDS something.  (also admittedly, the camera’s setting is all screwed up and I did not fix that…) When I was wearing the dress, I most often wrapped a colorful scarf around my neck or had loud tights on. It is very comfortable and nicely tailored… but a bit drab. Where I got the idea that a BROWN jacket would spice it up, I don’t remember anymore. Which is why I ended up buying green/blue yarn for my first project (picture here). That jacket did not work over the dress –  it is too long and bulky.

So off to the the yarn store I went again, still thinking about my dress project. The yarn I got is a Merino/Llama/Bamboo mix which does not itch (very important!). I was taking the pattern off a picture that I had seen and fit it to a cotton jacket I own. (see my Ravelry notes)

dress jkt open headdress jkt closed











Now I feel like a lady of the fifties… this combination can pass as retro!


blue jkt  front detail

Here is the true color. Me and my camera in a better mood! 🙂


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