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Confession: Smartwool addiction

Finally I got around to photographing the TWOs I was talking about in this earlier post.  I’ll post those pictures below but first need to explain about the sock addiction that I have.

The true addiction to Smartwool:  Longer that a year ago, I was hiking through a snow field up at Mt. St. Helens with my friends G. and N.  My boots, socks and feet were SOAKED.  Unprepared a hiker as I am, I had no SPARE pair of socks with me, however, N. did.  She offered me a pair of Smartwool Saturns that I put on and into my wet boots.  About 90 minutes downhill, my feet were not only DRY but also WARM.  Do this to a notorious cold-footy like me, and I was convinced.

I got myself my first Smartwool pair at a local shoe store and have been addicted ever since.

They keep your feet even tempered, even in hot summer days.

They wick moisture away and keep warmth in.

They make the best bed socks – EVER

A lot of them have cushioned bottoms – you feel like walking on air.

You will never have blister in a Smartwool sock.

I sell them.

Enough advertising?

Compendium KHFleckerFloral Fan KHFloral MirrorFoot SpaNatural History Pressed Leaf

New OmbreTransversal

And while all of the socks above are for women, I also have some good styles for guys.  Do not feel left out!

Hunky Rib Street HikerThermal Stitch  Diamond Jim


Let’s have some fun

We went to another outdoor concert last night. It was packed. It was the perfect temperature. It was James Blunt. And Sheryl Crow. Could not have been better. I was so excited beforehand, I did not know which one to look forward to more. It was a great concert. We had picked out the perfect spot, too. So perfect that friends with a less good spot abandoned their friends to comer over. James Blunt put on a fun show, ran through the crowd. Danced on the piano. And Sheryl is awesome! She rocks. Seriously.

The concert marked the end of a pretty exciting week. I am now officially a SmartWool dealer. Yep. It feels good to have been picked. SmartWool makes you ‘apply’ for their product. They come visit the store and then decide. Look at me – I am now authorized to carry these. If there is still anybody out there who hasn’t worn them, they are truly amazing. Cushioned for comfort. Keep your feet cool in hot weather and super warm in cold. Trust me, I am one of those who always has cold feet. Even in cooler summer nights. Here is a preview. There is more to come.

This is one of their new styles. Wall flower. For women only.

My all time favorite, Probably because it is the first SmartWool sock I ever wore. On a hike, in soaking wet boots. By the end of the hike my feet were warm AND dry. For guys and gals.

And this one for men only. Timeless Argyle pattern. And cushioned. ooooh -comfy!

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