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This is how I work

For most of my shop time, I have taken on custom work – just because I like to sew.  Little did I know, how hard I became on myself doing it.

For one thing, I THINK I am a pretty good seamstress.  Most of the time I think so highly of myself that I do not even try on what I make for myself.  Needless to say that this practice has cost me not only a lot of fabric (because it does NOT fit) but has also resulted in countless disappointments.

When I sew for other people, though, I am VERY conscientious.  I want for the item to fit.  I have them come in for -sometimes multiple-fittings.  I want them to like what I have created.

And these are the exact reasons why I so very reluctantly sew for people anymore.  Too time consuming.  Too much of my ego at stake.

That is also the reason why I had this fabric laying around since summer.  Yes, that’s right, since SUMMER.  In addition, it is a beautiful Kente cloth FROM Africa.  It is supposed to be a jacket.  It has to be a very simple jacket, because is isn’t a whole lot of fabric.

I finally got around to cutting it out.

This is how I work.


African inspired skirt

Now that I am finally caught up with my alterations and Christmas is securely BEHIND us, I find time to tend to the tailoring requests that have been put on the back burner.  Since the SUMMER.  Yeah, I admit, it has been a while….

My customer brought in this fabric that she had gotten from one of her journeys:

D. has traveled the world many times over and returned with a lot fabrics that she loved.  Over the past couple of years, I have made everything out of those fabrics from curtains, table cloths, napkins – and skirts.

This particular fabric seems like a heavier rayon and flows beautifully.  For this skirt, I pleated the top, which gathers the pattern in an interesting way.  The pleats then spring open to the full width of the fabric.  I inserted a zipper and left it unlined.

I think it turned out good.

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