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the little skirt that could

Summer is all about skirts!

Skirts come is so many shapes and colors – narrow and full, mini and long, printed, striped, checkered… They are so versatile – they can look as if part of a dress, draw all the attention to them, will work on a body that has different size requirements for top and bottom…

They are breezy and cool for summer weather. And they are so feminine!

When you look at MY closet, you might think, I am collector of skirts. I have SO many. In silk, cotton, linen, wool – lined and unlined, full and pencil. I wear skirts year round – short ones with tights in the winter, more modest lengths in summer.

The colors! The patterns! … and then I realized I have hardly a solid color skirt.

That’s when I decided I will try this Neesha skirt that is selling really well at the shop for myself.

it is simply GRAY.

 Like with all items that I take home from the shop, I needed first to see with WHAT this one would work before I make up a definite opinion.

And, wow, did this little number surprise me! I was able to make this skirt fit for the office, make it look retro, matched a huge number of tops to it!

To give you an impression, I have put together a few looks (of the many) to show this skirt off.

easy outfit, great color combination

elegant with silk blouse

airy with my decade-old halter top

a blouse I hardly ever wear

retro with halter top

simple: gray and white

dressed up with fitted blouse

paired with Neesha t-shirt


biking… (one more time)

One more bike entry before I need to stop writing about this… unless I can live with more traffic jams (stopping in the middle of the road to get the ‘right’ angle for a picture) or falling off the bike and causing serious injury to myself trying to take the picture ‘in motion’.

Here I wanted to take a picture of my average speed, which turns out to be 19km/h (12 mi/h) up considerably from my previous commute to lower Fremont. Must mean I’m getting in better shape. Also means that I hurry to get to the shop on time! As you can see, the odometer reads 17 km/h – I scared myself to death looking through the lens and checking traffic at the same time. (Promise – no more of these!)

Ignore the cute Mazda in front – another building atrocity in my neighborhood. One of these days, I have to volunteer at the building commission in order to understand this nonsense.

With all the rain we had, the size of this Peony is unbelievable. Or maybe its size is just because.

Arriving at the shop and enjoying everything that you can see here!


we did it – in 13 days – we are OPEN!

The best part about this store renovation were the people who helped.

Everybody did what they were good at and so we managed to have everything ready in just under two weeks from when we got the key to the place.

Of course, we had to get more paint, sure enough the new outlets did not fit, the repair of the door took longer than planned, the rain pushed the moving day back…but other things just happened in a flash such as installing the floor and picking out the fabric for the dressing room.

It is all good.

The store feels and looks just AWESOME.

And today, our ‘soft opening’ on May Day, we had the first real sunny and warm day.

Off to a good start:

Look at this:  we even have a big old stamp for the bags!


charting the store progress

The other day, I had a couple of friends requesting pictures of the new store. While I have been diligently taking pictures and posting them on facebook, I realized that these friends are not singed up there and need their pictures elsewhere.

So here we go:

Maybe it should be noted again, that we decided to give the NEW store a NEW name, as we are merging SOFIA and YedOmi in this NEW creation. Citrine is a beautiful golden colored gemstone which stands for prosperity and happiness (YES!).

After much deliberation and number crunching, we came up with this design for the neon sign on top of the store. This is a preview of what the sign will look like.

Our  new storefront. It is south-facing with about 40ft (12m) of windows.

Here you can see what the colors of the store used to be (pale yellow).  We also decided to replace the brown linoleum floor.

The walls after we painted. They are now a creamy white with golden/yellow accents.

Floor laying in progress. We chose a bamboo look.

The window boxes got a light gray color.

At the time I am writing this, the floor is done. The outside turquoise trim is now white and the front door is being repaired. A once blocked window is opened and I will put up my big ‘ole IKEA shelf up this afternoon.

Doing this is as much fun (or more) as Easter Egg Hunting. Especially when the sun is out.


the exciting and the annoying

The wait is finally over!

The new shop is at our fingertips – we have the key!

We looked around.  We giggled. We measured. We examined the walls. We giggled some more. We decided on shelves that have to go. We put paper in the window.

We can’t wait. I can’t wait.

So exciting!


The annoying part is the weather.

You can see the wet sidewalk in the picture above.  The sky has been liquid for WAY too long.

I want to enjoy the sun coming into those new shop windows.

I want to enjoy all the beautiful flowers and trees with a ray of sunshine on them.

I know, it’s all about perspective, but I CRAVE the warmth and the light.

Give it to me, please – put a recall on winter, ok?


the countdown

At the end of this week, we are going to be able to start working on our new space!


2937 E Burnside

Portland, Ore 97214

I am so excited!

… and I promise to post pictures of the progress!

It’s about time this gal re-emerges from my basement:

She’s been telling me that she is bored.

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