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Well, she did it again! Mesmerized me in front of the TV. No, not for her speech, but for her dress. This time a two piece turquoise number. Perfect on her – she is tall and can wear a 2 button jacket with big lapels. She also has shapely legs that do look good in a pencil skirt. (I even compared hers to Sarah Palin’s while they were up on the stage together) Nah- I wasn’t so much interested in what they said, I confessed to that before. I wonder how may women out there did the same thing I did. Upped the viewer numbers for the convention – for much other reasons than being interested in the speaker.

I realize I am not alone. Check out this article. Even my husband noticed a certain hype around Cindy McCain’s outfits. And believe me, I am totally shocked by the price for one of these numbers. I nonetheless revel in their beauty and will be inspired by it.

The convention is over. Sigh of relief. No more rushing home to catch Cindy McCain on TV. It is back to business as usual. Over all this Cindy-watching, I almost forgot to introduce the spinner. The most startling part of it was the box it came in. I could have buried myself in it. Or I could have pretended to be Frankenstein and reside in it. Had to enlist the help of the neighbor to rid myself of the masses of cardboard.

It’s my SmartWool spinner! Had to rearrange the store a bit to accommodate this baby.

Now watch it fill up!



I watched the Republican Convention last night.  Wanted to hear Sarah Palin speak.  The camera frequently panned over to Palin’s family.  Everybody knows why.  Of course the young daughter was there with her boyfriend.  For everybody to see that they are a couple and they do indeed plan to marry.  Well, that is THEIR business.  Seated next to the Palin’s was Cindy McCain.  And while I so totally do not agree with anything that was said, I enjoyed every glimpse of Cindy McCain.  And while my political views are nowhere near their’s, I have to admit:  Cindy McCain is one of the best dressed women I have seen on TV.

I happened to catch a few minutes of her at the opening of the convention; she was standing next to Laura Bush. Laura Bush looked like frump next to Cindy McCain.  That caught my attention.  Cindy McCain’s outfit was not only stylish, it was cut great, it fit her body – I liked all the seams and details.  She is blond and carried the yellow fantastically.

Yesterday, at Sarah Palin’s speech, she was dressed in a turquoise sheath dress, very simple back but it had this stunning bow in the front.  This woman knows how to emphasize her assets (tall body, angular features), knows how to move and displays her outfits beautifully.  Even when she fills a Target bag at a food drive for the hurricane victims.

I did watch the speakers at the Democratic Convention.  Another disclosure:  I wanted to hear what they had to SAY.  Now I’m watching the Republicans.

But I only want to see what Cindy McCain is wearing.

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