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Have snow, got socks

It really does not snow that much in Portland at all.  Much less at Christmas time when you would want it.  But this week has been kind of crazy…we had snow, we were cold and we still have the snow and now some ice to cover it.


Because when it snows in Portland, traffic comes to a standstill, people decide to walk.  And ski.  Some rode their bike.  (I did and subsequently fell off of it…)  Anyhow, the snow brought the people out.  They walked.  They did their shopping right here in the neighborhood.  Which was/is good for all of us.  It also meant that I sold socks like I never did before.  a) You don’t have to peel off all you layers in order to try on clothing.  b) It is a tad bit cheaper expense  c) Socks make great Christmas gifts.  And last but not least d)  One can never have enough socks.

Which is why I had to put in two ’emergency’ orders for more socks.  I am glad I did.  I haven’t even gotten the bill for them and have already sold half of them.


I am still waiting on more SmartWool – hopefully tomorrow!


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