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biking… (one more time)

One more bike entry before I need to stop writing about this… unless I can live with more traffic jams (stopping in the middle of the road to get the ‘right’ angle for a picture) or falling off the bike and causing serious injury to myself trying to take the picture ‘in motion’.

Here I wanted to take a picture of my average speed, which turns out to be 19km/h (12 mi/h) up considerably from my previous commute to lower Fremont. Must mean I’m getting in better shape. Also means that I hurry to get to the shop on time! As you can see, the odometer reads 17 km/h – I scared myself to death looking through the lens and checking traffic at the same time. (Promise – no more of these!)

Ignore the cute Mazda in front – another building atrocity in my neighborhood. One of these days, I have to volunteer at the building commission in order to understand this nonsense.

With all the rain we had, the size of this Peony is unbelievable. Or maybe its size is just because.

Arriving at the shop and enjoying everything that you can see here!


my commute (coming from…)

With my camera eye on, I am biking home. (actually, my ‘camera eye’ is my phone, as usual…)

I am leaving work (Citrine), dart through a parking lot, pass a park and then have to cross the freeway:

km 1: not a house, the freeway bridge looking East

km 2: 28th&Tillamook (Irvington neighborhood)

km 2,5 (26th&Thompson), had to throw that one in… it is so well kept!

km 3: 18th&Thompson (Irvington), I got to visit this one on the home tour 2 years ago, it is a total remodel of a one story house

km 4: 18th&Failing (Sabin neighborhood), sits right across from the school soccerfield

km 5: 13th&Skidmore (Sabin), the homes get markedly smaller

km 6: 12th&Jarrett (Vernon neighborhood), I like how they matched their car to the house (?), plus I am just such a fan of dark blue cars (and Volkswagen)

turning a corner and I am >>>home


my commute (going to…)

I know I should keep my mind on more important things than gazing around…but I am so amazed by my discoveries that I have to document them.

I have lived in this town for two decades and am still CONSTANTLY surprised by what really lies between those bridges and within the neighborhoods. Now, figure in a bike, some distance and my incorrigible curiosity… and this is what I find!

Today, I decided to take a picture of a house every kilometer that I was riding. My commute to Citrine is just a little over 6km (about 4mi.), which I know because I have that little bike odometer.

My starting point:

km 0 – my house (King neighborhood)

km 1 – 13th&Prescott (Sabin neighborhood)

all these pretty ground covers!

km 2 – Failing&16th (Sabin)…needs some help

km 3 – 19th (Irvington neighborhood)

km 4 – 19th&Knott (Irvington)…huge house!

km 5 – 26th&Thompson (Irvington)

I guess this might be our version of the White House

km 6 – crossing I84 (I know that is not a house)

almost there – 29th (Hollywood neighborhood)

(I find this apartment building rather ugly, it looks like is has a bad hairdo)

>>>At work.

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