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I am torn

I am not sure whether I just plain hate the thought of leaving – or whether there is a certain attraction to this place that I do not want to admit.

The weather has been incredible, the town is in it’s best mood (local festival going on!), people are friendly,

everything is quaint and lovely (…the only part I have difficulties with…)

and I get to play with my nephew and nieces.

So, I guess, I feel a little like this sculpture:

I had a fantastic time, filled with emotions and experiences that I now have to digest.


my “HOME”town

What do you call a ‘home’town?

The place you live in now?

The place you spent most of your life?

The town you grew up in?

I want to introduce you to the place that I grew up in.

When I left as a VERY young adult, this town had little charm.  Unkempt buildings, busy center, lots of traffic.  The only attraction was the annual big historic festival. However, this little town (30.000 people) has a big industrial center.  They build big construction equipment here (Liebherr), they have a huge pharmaceutical company (Boehringer), make dental tools (KaVo) and small machinery (Handtmann), only to list the biggest.  This town has money and you can see that EVERYWHERE.

Beginning in the 80s, they restored the historic center.  They made a pedestrian zone out of the busy inner city.  They put up art.  They renovated houses that were built in the Medieval (yes – they are almost 500 years old!)

No recession here.  Honestly. Hardly any unemployment.

And pretty!  Pretty as can be.

Now I feel like a tourist here.  The only difference is that I sleep in a room with my childhood furniture.

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