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I’m saving for one.

In case you do not know about Peter Lappin of malepatternboldness – you have to get started on reading his blog. Not only is he wildly funny but he also knows how to sew. Many of his experiences I also had. I admire his zest for learning how to tackle difficult problems and the resulting tutorials. His photoshoots are priceless.

Peter lives in New York, has a passion for flea markets, vintage sewing machines and only began sewing in 2009, the time he started writing the blog. He is pretty much self-taught and has mastered quite a few techniques beautifully!

A few days ago, he wrote about the Bernina sewing machines and Switzerland, which hits right home with me for a number of reasons. 😉  In his post, he is asking readers about their opinion of the brand and whether or not it is worth the high price.  This entry must have gotten the most comments ever!  (most of them are positive, too)

I own a ‘Mercedes Benz’ of the overlock sergers and could not be happier.  It was worth every dollar I bled for it.


Maybe once in Switzerland, I should start saving for a Bernina.

Now go and read Peter!




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