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Was macht Berlin?

It is coming to an end.

At least this time.  I like visiting here but have decided that living here is not my cup of tea.  There are many things I appreciate about this city such as hopping on a fast train on a Sunday afternoon in order to take advantage of an impromptu coffee date – clear across town.  Not only do the trains run every ten minutes but they are perfectly on time as well.

Other than that, Berlin is just too much big city for me.  I miss landmarks such as rivers and hills, instead I am surrounded by big, old houses and lots of people.  As the sun was out yesterday, I shared the park with everyone in need of a breath of fresh air and a sunbeam on their face.

But – you can see just about any movie you desire, any day of the week, even in your neighborhood. Listen to every kind of music, famous and emerging artists into the wee hours of the morning (also any day of the week).

And you can immerse yourself in hours and hours of people watching. Much to my delight.

(did lots of people watching at this Cafe… isn’t this chandelier just amazing, too?)

bye, bye Berlin – see you again soon!


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