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Every Friday, I get this email newsletter, called Portland Picks.  It is a roundup of all the new spots that open, fashionable places, restaurants and the like.  Reading it, you are on the pulse on what is happening around town.  The one that I am quoting here is mostly for women, however, they do have one for men as well ( I never read that one…)

Today, this intro caught my eye:

“It’s official. We are back on board with leggings. After many years of deeming them “too Tween” or “too reminiscent of stirrup pants” for our tastes, we discovered that they’re not only insanely comf, but hide a multitude of overanalyzed (and possibly imagined) midsection sins.

Beer belly? Buh-bye! Just pop on a tunic and some leggings. A little hippy? Hide that wide behind with a menswear-cut shirt and a fitted boyfriend jacket… and some leggings. Thunderous thighs? You know what to do… boots and leggings! Oh, it’s absolutely genius.”

I can’t agree more.  I HATED leggings for so many years!  And now, I won’t even admit how many pairs I own – I have lacy and solid and patterned leggings.  I wear them in transitional weather, just the right cover, but without socks.  I wear them with a super short dress or tunic, I wear them with over-the-knees and boots.  Yes, and I do admit that my legs might still be shapely but are not so pretty anymore.  So, leggings are it!

hazel butterfly tunic

This mohair tunic, the leggings and either sandals or mary-janes.

press navy knit tunic

Imagine chunky boots here and you are dressed!

BTW:  These fuchsia leggings (by Falke) are not the only ones I have!  I can offer black lace, your basic black or brown as well as green, blue, turquoise and red LEGGINGS!


Have snow, got socks

It really does not snow that much in Portland at all.  Much less at Christmas time when you would want it.  But this week has been kind of crazy…we had snow, we were cold and we still have the snow and now some ice to cover it.


Because when it snows in Portland, traffic comes to a standstill, people decide to walk.  And ski.  Some rode their bike.  (I did and subsequently fell off of it…)  Anyhow, the snow brought the people out.  They walked.  They did their shopping right here in the neighborhood.  Which was/is good for all of us.  It also meant that I sold socks like I never did before.  a) You don’t have to peel off all you layers in order to try on clothing.  b) It is a tad bit cheaper expense  c) Socks make great Christmas gifts.  And last but not least d)  One can never have enough socks.

Which is why I had to put in two ’emergency’ orders for more socks.  I am glad I did.  I haven’t even gotten the bill for them and have already sold half of them.


I am still waiting on more SmartWool – hopefully tomorrow!


what WAS I thinking?

Sometimes I really doubt myself.

All through this last year – even in the summer – people kept asking me about lacy leggings.  Of course I had sold out and felt terrible, thinking that IF I only had ordered more, I would be that much richer now.  This whole legging business is strange anyhow.  Two years ago, you could have GIVEN them to people and they would have rejected them.  ‘What?  I lived through that.  Not again.’  Something changed.  All of a sudden people WANTED leggings.  The skirt, dress -whatever- will look SO MUCH cuter with leggings!

All right then.  For this Fall/Winter season I was determined to satisfy my customer’s craving for leggings, especially lacy ones.  So I ordered.  Plenty.

This one is by Ergee.  Super soft and stretchy.  And good-looking, too – right?

This one is by b.ella and actually called a Capri.  I assume because it is a bit wider on the leg and does not cling to the ankle.  It also has a line along the back side – sexy!!!

Amazingly enough – lace does not seem to be the biggest hit this year.  So I was wrong.  I still think they look great. Throw on a wool dress, a tunic, a long cardi – and WOW with those leggings.   Where are you women who wanted them????

What was I thinking?


It could be worse…much worse

Imagine peacefully sleeping and your house slides down the mountain!  Yes. Yesterday morning at 5:40 the whole house of a lady slid down the mountain and took her with it.   In Portland!  The neighbors held a ladder out to her onto which she grabbed – that’s how she was saved.  Imagine – your house as a pile, leaving a bulldozed mountain behind.  Damaging four other houses that are now condemned.

Man, I take an economic slowdown anytime over that!

Remember the quilt that I was working on?  And how I was complaining about its weight?  Well, that also could be worse.  Believe me.  Amy showed me the one that her daughter literally chewed into chenille.  Thanks Amy, for not asking me to fix this one.

I guess the only landslide that I am experiencing at the moment are socks.  SOCKS.  TIGHTS.  I took me three full days to dig myself out of that one.  If one more sock wants to come into my door from the street, I will have to fight it back.  The only way I will see socks move is in the opposite direction.

The beautiful old Koffer I got from Poppy & Ivy is now filled with tights.

Where the tights used to be, I have now Capris, leggings and footless tights.  And more socks, stashed away.

Knee Highs.

I even had to employ the old sock pole.  It is now holding all the arm and legwarmers.

Socks I warn you – only go out – do not come in again!

It could be worse….


The SOCK pole – revisited….

Well, there you have it! The socks actually arrived a few days ago. My husband found out about the boot. And he is not mad but would like to have access to the boot if he needed it; that was a nice reaction.

As always, when there is a carton full of new stuff, I am overwhelmed. So many colors, so many fine textures, so many styles! This shipment is actually from b.ella, a company which uses yarns from Italy and has the socks made in the USA. The history and on-going story of sock mills warrants a whole entry for itself. Most of the sock mills in this country are in North Carolina. A lot of them had to close. Making socks is an art and pretty complicated. Most sock mills cannot knit more than 5 colors into a sock. Making the tube (the part that hugs your calf) is easy enough, finishing out the heel and toes requires a bit more skill BUT closing the sock is the most important task. It not only has to look pretty, it must also feel smooth and look finished!

There are only very few mills that can do space dye. Space dye is a yarn that is dyed irregularly in a number of colors . The ‘space’ part happens when the yarn is knit. Every sock looks different as the yarn repeats the color – you may see blocked stripes or fine lines. Those socks are always fun. Most of the left side in this picture is taken up by the space dyes.


After I had all the socks sorted and priced – they need to go up on the wall AND the pole. I decided for the snapshot socks to be hung on the sock pole. The snapshots are actually photographs transferred to the sock. They are pretty wild – my customers love them.


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