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For 23 seconds now, the rain stopped. The wind let up. It’s dripping fat drops form the eaves.

It stopped and there are faint sunbeams in the distance.


A few more days and it will be March.  This and the fact that I took the above picture earlier this week while visiting the Bay Area where it was pleasantly warm – makes me want to toss the sweaters and tights to the side and think about lighter clothing. Brighter colors. Soft fabrics.

Anni Kuan silk blouse

Anni Kuan silk blouse

Look how the sun is playing with the fabric! I have the good fortune of looking directly into the sun from where I sit. When its out, that is.

Hazel knit/crochet cotton dress

Hazel knit/crochet cotton dress

The eyelet design of this airy dress makes me want to float through a breezy summer day.  The dress comes with a white slip, but I decorated it with a black one to show off the pretty design.  I then remembered that I have an orange one in my closet, which in turn made me take the dress home.

Anni Kuan jersey dress with turquoise piping

Anni Kuan jersey dress with turquoise piping

A last teaser for now because the sun is blinding me. (YEAH!)  These are only the first of many new items that will arrive shortly.

And then I will attend the apparel show next week to buy….Fall and Winter! I’ll never wrap my head around this schedule. I might go there in my down jacket, just because.




making a shirt case

Admittedly, throwing on a sweater or a t-shirt is a lot simpler than a buttoned shirt. A shirt you have to iron, hang, and button. HOWEVER, a shirt looks so well dressed. A white one even more so.

The white shirt looks clean, crisp and makes a statement of confidence. You can combine a white shirt into endless outfits; it can stand by itself, as a jacket or double as an additional layer.

A white shirt on slacks or dark jeans looks very professional. Worn open over a long-sleeved t-shirt together with a scarf looks romantic and adds warmth.  Buttoned up and tucked in with a contrasting camisole underneath jazzes up an otherwise bland outfit.

At the store, we have a few white shirts right now that I played with the other day:

long shirt, basket weave cotton (Whitewash)

This shirt accentuates a woman’s  body without being clingy. Because if the long darts in the front, it is supposed to be worn OVER pants or a skirt. It would look best on a tall, high-waisted woman – the proportions are just right!

a great combination!

the same shirt with a shawl and under a long vest

white - with fun accents! (Whitewash)

A crisp white shirt that is a little different. Printed flowers inside the neck and the cuffs, flower embroidery down the left arm along with the stripes make this the perfect shirt for jeans and boots!

stripe shirt with a color pop!

A last one for drama – this shirt is is structured it has so much going on that you almost forget that is is WHITE!

dramatic collar, topstitching, wide tie (Anni Kuan)


bonus attributes

Admittedly, I fall for unusual stuff. In the past, I have bought clothing that had an interesting shape, wild pattern or consisted of a variety of (suspicious) materials. Very often, there was only one left in the store and also very often, it was on SALE because of that. Combine an unusual item with a sale price – you got me.

I probably don’t have to tell you that as soon as the ‘unusual’ item joined the other inhabitants of my closet, it discovered it had NO friends. Nothing that would even remotely look good with it. Questioning my sanity, I would ask myself in bewilderment WHAT on earth got me to buy that thing in the first place, let alone what I imagined pairing with it. Yet, it was there. In order to justify the purchase I would break it out a few times, wear it, love/hate it….and ultimately get rid of it after many seasons of just taking up space on a hanger.

I have gotten slightly better and can stay away from beautiful (but difficult) fabrics and clothing that is intriguing but highly impractical. Having a store helps. Buying clothing for customers has taught me a thing or two about what works and what not.

Pockets:  we always have stuff that needs to go someplace.

Elastic Waist:  no two people are alike and waist circumferences are amazingly flexible.

Reversible: the ultimate travel solution – two garments in one!


reversible cashmere/silk shawls by Rapti - so soft and comfortable!

pockets on this Anni Kuan skirt! put both hands in and look cool!

elastic waist and feminine! (by Darling of London)

elastic waist AND reversible, new skirts by Indira

Pulling items from the store to photograph these outfits, I found so many separates to go together… I bet any of these would have lots of companions in YOUR closet!




fall is lurking around the corner?

Yes, the calendar says it is SEPTEMBER. School starts the day after tomorrow. Flowers are wilting and drying up. Tomatoes finally ripen.

… and we are still having a most beautiful SUMMER!

Over the last week, my UPS guy has stopped almost every day with a new box. Of FALL merchandise! I know that clothing manufacturers have their ideas of deliveries, which at this point in time really does not coincide with the season.

Does not matter – I finally broke down and moved all summer stuff onto a ‘sale’ rack. Unpacked my boxes and started steaming the new outfits with the air conditioning ON.  And it is lovely!  More muted colors, thicker fabrics, long sleeves – ideas of covering up and warming myself by a fire crept up.


A glimpse into FALL and WINTER styles

cozy two tone dress by Hazel

shirt dress in soft jersey by Anni Kuan

wool cardigan by Darling of London

hooded, fitted dress in organic cotton by SkunkFunk

As one customer put it the other day:  When you buy Fall clothing NOW you have the best choices!

Now wait until I post the coats that I have in the store!   (… still a bit early for that, I think!)


Dressing for the Holidays – part 1

I would say that by now, almost EVERY store I go into has some sort of Christmas tunes tweeting from their stereos.  And while that still does not do anything for me and I pity the store clerks who had to listen to this music for the last four weeks, I must admit that I DO feel kind of festive these days.  I have seen beautifully decorated trees in my friends houses, we had had an arctic cold front come through, I baked cookies, held a Holiday market and bought some gifts.  There is a (good) chocolate Advent Calendar in my house and I am having fun creating an online one for my friends.

So, it is about time to think about the party dresses.

My first installment shall be about some outfits that would look good at any party.

This dress is by Kersh, is knee-length, looks just darling – and will work even after the holidays when put over a pair of jeans.

A delicate velvet shift dress by Anni Kuan, covered by a red cardigan by Armand&Alba.

Folklore stitch blouse by Hazel combined with Anni Kuan’s black ‘fuzz’ skirt.  Great also separately.

A classic, vintage inspired, body-hugging dress, also by Kersh.  Length below the knee.

This top is by Hazel, has a wide scoop neck and will go with slacks or a long skirt.

To commemorate the spirit, I am wearing a green/red plaid skirt today, red sweater and tights and green boots!


Get your pants on!

When I post about the shop, I realize it is more about socks (of course!), tops, skirts and dresses and hardly EVER about pants.

I like pants, although I admit that I am so much more of a skirt fan.  I wear skirts in all lengths ALL YEAR ROUND.  Nothing makes me feel more like a woman than a skirt.  In the summer, I prefer flowing fabrics in skirts that come to just around my knee – I like how the fabric moves around my skin.  During the colder months, I wear my skirts SHORT and with tights, mostly colorful, striped or patterned.

But I do like pants, especially since they invented spandex.  I wonder how we ever survived in those rigid un-giving and un-forgiving pant legs.  I  also like that they moved the waists down, which is not to say that I like those pants that barely come up to your hip bones and leave much to be covered when you bend down.  No exception, especially when a woman has a few pounds too many.  So I consider mid-rise  – 7 1/2 inches to 9inches – ideal, the waistband comes to just below the belly button.  That way I feel covered, yet can eat as much as like without needing to pop the button.

Now, here are a few that I have in the store right now:

Christopher Blue Lloyd trouserChristopher Blue RicKersh MarlenaMavi DawnChristopher Blue Ric jeansChristopher Blue Ric trouserMavi ZoeAKN wool pantsDina






























From left to right and top to bottom:  Christopher Blue Lloyd trouser jeans, Christopher Blue Ric corduroy in China Gold, Kersh Marlena, Mavi Dawn trouser, Christopher Blue Ric black jean, Christopher Blue Ric cotton trouser, Mavi Zoe, Anni Kuan wool trouser, SkunkFunk Dina cropped

Okay, of the pants shown here, I own FIVE.  Not bad for a skirt girl, huh?



Shameless self promotion

This is just another one of those days where nothing goes as planned, which is not to say this isn’t pleasant day.

My intern Lucy was supposed to be here but she called in sick.  I had planned to stick her into some of the new fall arrivals because it gets kinda boring when I have to photograph everything on the headless mannequins.  These are the options when you are all by yourself most of the time.  I also wanted for her to show off these awesome over-the-knee socks that I am wearing today.  Oh well, I did not want to let the opportunity slip by and asked Naomi to photograph ME.

micha in hazel coat

I do not know how many times I already talked about this coat.  It looks like I am only trying to find more ways to justify taking it home.

micha in annimicha in anni2

When this dress came in I snatched it up right away.  Along with the over-the-knees.  This is going to be one of my fall favorites. you bet.

So, this time real clothes on a real woman.  Next time, it is back to the headless mannequins.  Happy Day!

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