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This has been such a beautiful summer that I will mark it as one of the best ever!  Hot days, followed by cool nights.

However, now all the grass is burnt, the flowers spent… and it definitively feels like fall is in the air.

My suppliers have started shipping the fall/winter stuff, including some wool coats with fake fur collars. For those, I  am not ready yet. The design houses don’t care, it IS shipping time and they want it out of their warehouses.

Whatever I HAVE put out sure says FALL all over it. Darker, warm colors. Comfy, soft fabrics. Great color combinations.

One of the first fall items to hit my store was this 3/4 sleeve ruffle top.

Cotton top by Press, Canada

For the mannequin, I had paired it with a long black skirt, which you will see in this picture as well:

White sleeveless top by Sofada, black cotton skirt by Whitewash and Hazel long vest

The vest is a wool mix and has several knit patterns including a braided front!

(black is SO hard to photograph!)

Anni Kuan made this 3/4 sleeve, soft jersey dress:

these colors say Fall!

Three quarter sleeves must be in style this fall, because the next dress has them too:

stripes all over on this Hazel dress in cozy fabric

I had to take off this dress rather quickly because as I am writing this, it is warming up outside.  This will be another beautiful summer day with white clouds in the sky!

I enjoy every minute of it and wish you a happy weekend! 🙂








I am not (!) Imelda Marcos.

But close. I DO have a lot of shoes.

I am getting ready to list a few for sale on ebay and that gave me the idea to have a closer look at the ones I own.

You know, I like comfortable shoes. Shoes that look stylish AND that I can walk in. I also like for my shoes to match my outfit. In fact, when packing for a trip, I start with the shoes. I like to wear the most bulky and heavy ones on the plane and carry at most three pairs more.  The shoes determine what clothes I take.

In examining my shoes I thought I will share with you HOW I wear them.  And of course, this being summer, most of my shoes are colorful. Below, I paired a couple of dresses from the store with my orange sandals.

Camper wedge – orange, yellow, purple heel

I wear leggings a lot. For two reasons:  number 1 is the fact that I have spider veins (thanks mom!). My legs aren’t the legs I used to have. However, I do like short skirts and dresses – that is where the leggings (or capris) come in. number 2:  it cools off around here quite a bit at night and mornings seem on the cooler side.  Leggings are the answer to my bike ride.

peacock patterned Neesha dress, leggings.

Since the heel on those sandals are purple, I can wear them with a purple dress. I’m not sure you can see my orange (Carnelian) earrings – those tie everything together.

jersey dress by Anni Kuan

So much for the first installment.

Next up:

my latest acquisition – blue Miz Mooz sandals!

They will go perfectly with this halter dress:

dress: my own creation.

Stay tuned. 🙂

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