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my love/hate relationship: airplanes

My first love was the train.

For hours and hours I would watch the train tracks and dream myself to places where the train could take me.

I was almost 20 when I took my first flight – to Athens, Greece. I still remember where I sat on the plane and how grown-up I felt.

I kept my first boarding passes; Israel, South America were among my first itineraries – I was just too excited to throw them out.

Since then I’ve lost track how much I fly. Living pretty much at the very edge of the Western World, I rely on airplanes to get me anywhere. If I want to see some of my best friends, I have to fly. If I want to see my aging relatives, I have to fly. If I want to see my brother, cousins, nieces and nephews, I have to fly. If I want to travel to warmer climates, I have to fly too.

I have a love/hate relationship with airplanes and airlines.

on my way to Chicago - Mt. Hood in the distance

on my way to Chicago – Mt. Hood in the distance

I feel for the flight attendants who have to keep a smiling face at every passenger who tries to squeeze yet another overstuffed bag in the  – already overloaded – overhead bins. I would never try to get at my fellow passenger’s throat with a plastic knife. I’m glad I do not have ‘chicken or pasta?’ for my regular dinners.

I love it when they deliver my lost bag to the door because it somehow went through Montreal, Canada.

I am on so many frequent flyer programs and sometimes forget where can I redeem my miles.

I resent lingering on ugly concourses. I have missed a few flights because I hate to waste time at the airport and am cutting it too close.

And yet, for the the most part, I fly because I am  A TOURIST – I CHOOSE to fly, I’m glad I don’t have to do it for work.  I look forward to getting to my destination, even with a screaming headache.

Zurich airport - that plane will take me to Lisbon!

Zurich airport – that plane will take me to Lisbon!

Heraklion, Crete - going home :(

Heraklion, Crete – going home 😦

I’m not really grumpy – I only wish I could time-travel to see you next time!



Train Stations vs. Airports

This last weekend, I visited my VERY BEST friend.

Taking the train.

Upon getting off at this particular train station, I realized how often I had changed trains there in my life.

Approaching a particular birthday rather quickly, I wondered whether I actually had taken more trains up until now OR flew more planes. I actually can’t tell.

Up to my 20th birthday, I had not been anywhere on a plane but plenty of times on a train – especially going from my hometown (Biberach) through the above pictured train station (Stuttgart).  When I was 20, I flew to Greece – my first flight. After that, flying became the main mode of transportation, especially going ‘home’. (which applies either direction:  going ‘home’ to my folks or going ‘home’ to my house)

Do I have a preference?

I like how punctual the trains are in Germany.  I also like watching nature from a train window.

However, I have missed getting OFF a train at my station.  That doesn’t happen on a plane.  When you’re there, you’re there. But then I am known to miss flights because I really, really do not like ‘wasting’ time at the airport AND my mental hard drive is missing an update. (I know – this is a whole other discussion….)

I guess, if I could I’d like to walk or ride my bike to my destination.

But at this point in my life, to get to where I need to get going, I have to choose train or plane.

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