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‘I’m Italian, I look green in the winter.’

If I ever write a book, that will be the title.

This is just one of the many hilarious comments I get in the store. There are moments I wish I had a tape recorder. Other moments, I wish I would be bold enough to take a picture of what folks are wearing when they are out and about.

Like this woman that is in the store right now, talking on her cell phone, wearing flip-flops in barely above freezing weather and a plastic sack tied around her ankle in which she appears to have her wallet. Or maybe some meth. (that’s me talking after being totally sucked into Breaking Bad these days)

Then there are some that leave the dressing room like a warzone.

2013-04-13 14.41.23

I don’t mind cleaning up – that is actually my job… Sometimes, there are so many outfits in the dressing room as if the woman had tried on the entire store. Loves everything, everything fits, and then she leaves with the words, ‘I have to bring my daughter in.’ or, ‘I will be back when I get paid.’ I sincerely hope they had a good time looking and feeling good while in my dressing room.






Nikki found a home!

No picture of the dog laying under my desk!  She went back to the Humane Society and got altered.

The shop did her good.  She was found by her adoptive mom HERE.  At the shop.  What a fun little creature she is.  She literally gets along with everyone, so I am sure she will be fine in her new home.  We actually took her to a dinner party last Saturday.  Thinking that she is small enough to not even be noticed.  And they have a dog, too.  Nikki got so excited over that dog – a Blue Heeler – she barked.  I had never hear her bark before.  A small but loud bark.  She almost crawled on that dog, she was so excited.  Over the course of the dinner, almost all of the adults had her on their lap.  She loved it.  She will be fine.

For me, it is back to changing clothes.  I hemmed two pairs of Jeans, and patched up another two.  Right now, I’m taking in a bridesmaid dress.  This one is dark brown.  I wonder what makes brides choose a certain color.  I advised one bride on how to ‘fancy’ up her rather plain, but beautiful dress.  Yep, ’tis the season.

I am also working on the mother-of-the groom-dress.  Black silk.  It isn’t cut out yet – picture to come.


Wedding in San Diego

She lives in Portland but will get married in San Diego, her hometown, early April. As with every wedding, the bride is totally busy putting all the pieces together. Especially now – she only has three more weeks left! And because she is a thoughtful bride, she wanted to give something special to her bridesmaids. I must admit that I don’t know a whole lot of ‘bridal’ customs; the few tidbits I know are either from attending a handful of weddings AND from reading Dear Amy in the paper. (…which is a fantastic source of all kinds of ‘how-to’ and ‘what-not-to-do’ around this country….) When we got married, we probably did it in completely uncommon fashion, at least according to my mother in law.

So here is my bride-to-be. She had emailed me a while back asking if I knew of someone who could do embroidery on cardigans. She had six cardigans, one for each bridesmaid, and six different motifs. Each motif relates her to the bridesmaid in a special way. For instance, her grandmother taught her to be expressive, thus the drama faces on the cardigan.

I had done embroidery for customers before but nonetheless wanted to check with a professional embroiderer to see what her machine could do. It turns out that embroidery machines have to be programmed for each design individually – even a small and simple design – on the computer, and then the designs are stitched onto the fabric. For what my bride wanted to do, this was too expensive of an option.

When she delivered the cardigans and the ideas for the individual designs, doing it by hand seemed to be the best option. We positioned the paper designs on the cardigans,


I had my husband transfer the designs (there is nothing like having an artist in the family!),


and I started stitching away. Embroidery is actually a very calming and satisfying occupation because you can follow your progress and you have a rather neat result in a matter of hours. I did notice, though, that my eyes could possibly use some reading glasses. I have been resisting that notion for a long time but more and more I don’t even recognize my best friends walking in the door after staring down on needlework for a while. Darn! – in the truest sense of the word!

Well, here are the finished designs! Can’t wait for the pictures of the wedding!


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