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I’m doing it!

Over, in the ‘old’ country, I encountered serious doubts about a particular dress I was eying.

so hippie, so 60ies... :)

so hippie, so 60ies… 🙂

Today, with the temperature hitting summer-like highs, I wanted to wear this dress and prove to the world that it can be done with the right attitude. I’m not wearing a skimpy sandal – I am wearing the heaviest boots I own. And so I will ride my horse bike into the sunset….

While on the subject, I threw on a few more dresses, mainly to see how they would look with the boots:

wild print, short skirt, Frye boots!

wild print, short skirt, Frye boots!

fake wrap dress, BIG boots!

fake wrap dress, BIG boots!

With that, I shall now take a long walk and frolic in the sunshine!






For 23 seconds now, the rain stopped. The wind let up. It’s dripping fat drops form the eaves.

It stopped and there are faint sunbeams in the distance.


A few more days and it will be March.  This and the fact that I took the above picture earlier this week while visiting the Bay Area where it was pleasantly warm – makes me want to toss the sweaters and tights to the side and think about lighter clothing. Brighter colors. Soft fabrics.

Anni Kuan silk blouse

Anni Kuan silk blouse

Look how the sun is playing with the fabric! I have the good fortune of looking directly into the sun from where I sit. When its out, that is.

Hazel knit/crochet cotton dress

Hazel knit/crochet cotton dress

The eyelet design of this airy dress makes me want to float through a breezy summer day.  The dress comes with a white slip, but I decorated it with a black one to show off the pretty design.  I then remembered that I have an orange one in my closet, which in turn made me take the dress home.

Anni Kuan jersey dress with turquoise piping

Anni Kuan jersey dress with turquoise piping

A last teaser for now because the sun is blinding me. (YEAH!)  These are only the first of many new items that will arrive shortly.

And then I will attend the apparel show next week to buy….Fall and Winter! I’ll never wrap my head around this schedule. I might go there in my down jacket, just because.




saddle up!

We live in the Pacific Northwest. Which means that it will pretty much rain ALL THE TIME from now on until June. Or at least once a day.

People here seem to have a strange aversion to carrying umbrellas and therefore everybody dresses in functional rain gear most of the time. Totally fine when ferrying the kids to and fro school, running errands or biking. You should see me walking my dog: I am totally decked out in rain boots, rubber pants, rainjacket and hat. After all, I have to carry a leash and have to have my hands free for important things like throwing a stick.  Not umbrella-friendly.

However, outerwear can be so pretty! It is so sad when an otherwise smart outfit gets toned down by a Columbia Sportswear jacket. Our counterparts in Europe seem to have a different outerwear taste – even in the rain – as I was able to witness just recently.

Hence, let me introduce to some fine options that we currently have at the store.

Hazel orange tweed jacket

Hazel orange tweed jacket

This jacket is lightweight wool, lined and has just the right zest of color to brighten up a cloudy day.

SkunkFunk Lerate jacket

SkunkFunk Lerate jacket

SkunkFunk is known for their slightly unusual designs. This jacket has a round hem, is of solid boiled wool (think water repellent!) and a a hidden hood in the collar.

Darling 'camel hair' coat

Darling ‘camel hair’ coat

I had to put this sweet coat on just to show off how well it works over a dress. Now, that is one smart coat. (umbrella required)

Hazel 50's inspired jacket

Hazel 50’s inspired jacket

To me this jacket has a certain vintage flair. The fake fur collar is detachable, which makes the jacket look like a wool blazer. It looks nice with pants or a pencil skirt.

Last but not least, a jacket/sweater option that would work well while driving or running errands:

Curio, New York

Curio, New York

I’m with the Europeans on this issue and advocate for nice looking outerwear!




color combinations

This has been such a beautiful summer that I will mark it as one of the best ever!  Hot days, followed by cool nights.

However, now all the grass is burnt, the flowers spent… and it definitively feels like fall is in the air.

My suppliers have started shipping the fall/winter stuff, including some wool coats with fake fur collars. For those, I  am not ready yet. The design houses don’t care, it IS shipping time and they want it out of their warehouses.

Whatever I HAVE put out sure says FALL all over it. Darker, warm colors. Comfy, soft fabrics. Great color combinations.

One of the first fall items to hit my store was this 3/4 sleeve ruffle top.

Cotton top by Press, Canada

For the mannequin, I had paired it with a long black skirt, which you will see in this picture as well:

White sleeveless top by Sofada, black cotton skirt by Whitewash and Hazel long vest

The vest is a wool mix and has several knit patterns including a braided front!

(black is SO hard to photograph!)

Anni Kuan made this 3/4 sleeve, soft jersey dress:

these colors say Fall!

Three quarter sleeves must be in style this fall, because the next dress has them too:

stripes all over on this Hazel dress in cozy fabric

I had to take off this dress rather quickly because as I am writing this, it is warming up outside.  This will be another beautiful summer day with white clouds in the sky!

I enjoy every minute of it and wish you a happy weekend! 🙂








aha! June?

Okay, according to the National Weather Service, this has been the wettest spring so far around here. It also has been the warmest. Which makes me think that maybe we are headed to become a tropical rainforest. I DO NOT LIKE THE RAIN. At least, not so much of it. Although it definitively has its upside:  No need to water the garden. Everything is so lush and green. I have never had so many fat blooms on my roses.

one… and so many more to come!

However, I am also a shop owner. And right now, my store is full of the cutest summer dresses. They beg to be worn on a sunny, hot summer day. After all, we are fast approaching solstice and then the days will get shorter… again. Maybe you are taking a summer vacation once school is out. Or the weather around here turns for the better – either way, have a look!

Anni Kuan silk skirt, wrap T-shirt

Hazel flower halter dress

structured Anni Kuan dress with pockets

a wedding? wear this colorful dress by Darling!

Boardwalk dress by Whitewash, with pockets to hold your groceries!

Neesha! one of four spaghetti strap dresses.

cowl neck shirt by Neesha, and Darling Pippa skirt













The weather gods must have heard me: the sun IS coming out. And while I can’t wait for it to warm my skin… I do love how the rain created this lushness:


versatile style

While I do have enough material to fill another ‘darling customer’ post, I’ll hold off on that and treat you to some outfit shots. After all, I’d like you to see what is IN the store, hanging on the racks.

This is the end of April and we had some days that made you swoon and think about spring and summer!

As most designers ship their seasonal items as early as February, I was subjected to pretty summer dresses for a good long time now. And I get to play with them.

That is how I figured out that have a few items that can be worn not like initially intended.

#1  Hazel navy/white maxi skirt

a very comfortable DRESS that actually stays up or a classy skirt...

The skirt waist has a sturdy enough elastic that doubles as a bandeau for a halter-less dress. I danced around in it for a while to make sure it stays up and won’t ‘expose’ you.  And if stays up on me – it will sure do it for you!

#2  Neesha ruched waist jersey skirt

this is the little skirt that goes everywhere!

This A-line skirt is so effortless. If you have something to tuck in, it will show its nicely ruched waistband and flare in a nice line. Wearing something over the waist, you can pull it down for a longer length and more classy look.

# 3  Hazel crochet fringe skirt

crazy and fun.

I know why I ordered this one. It is different. It will look great on a night out. It will certainly get you comments AND compliments. And again, it stays up!

Let’s go dance!



… and so the Holidays begin

With one US American Holiday solidly behind us, the next one is FAST approaching.

First order of business:  Get the Christmas lights up at the shop.

And while I am the one that cuts their Christmas tree three days before Christmas is actually happening and decorates it maybe TWO days before – you simply cannot wait that long when you have a store.  We need to get our customers into the Christmas shopping spirit as ’tis is the season that helps us pay our bills.  Big time.

At least we waited until AFTER Thanksgiving.

Like always, Naomi is our creative director and I simply help putting things together.  And also like always, I think our windows turned out spectacular!

Then boxes with new merchandise arrive… and they contain heavenly items fit for a PARTY!

Darlin of London - Elsie skirt and Faye cardi with grey pearls!

Elsie skirt paired with Hazel cardi (gold lurex shimmmer!)













Both of these items can be worn separately –  the two cardigans will look stunning paired with black slacks or jeans and the skirt can be worn mostly all year!

Darling of London Ciara dress, black chiffon with flower embroidery on top!

Darling of London Elsie dress - same fabric like the above skirt and POCKETS!

Hazel fully lined lace mini dress - thanks to sweet Simone to model this!














At Citrine, we also have everything to go with these adorable outfits – from stockings to scarves, jackets to coats AND the best jewelry!

Yesterday, this beautiful lady came in to get earrings to match the black chiffon dress.  She wanted the earrings to be the center piece of her outfit and Michelle Obama to notice them.

Chalcedony drops on sterling by YedOmi

Yes, you read that right – these earrings are going to the WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!


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