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service interrupted.

Today is Summer Solstice and I try to remember how many times I have marked this occasion with pretty pictures on this blog.  5 times, 6 times?  Admittedly, I have been painfully absent from this site, there would be just so much one could upload and write about, especially during summertime. And I have not… I’m way too preoccupied these days!

photo credit: Naomi!

photo credit: Naomi!

Instead, I am stealing a photo from the shop’s website – it showcases not only Portland nature but also three lovely outfits by SkunkFunk.

If you have made it this far, then you might also want to hear that I might not update this site much in the future as I am shifting my focus back to education.  Education in the school-type sense:  I am going back to teaching.  Kids this time, not grown fashionable women. I am entrusting the store into some capable hands who will certainly continue what I have started. 🙂

I promise I will continue to now and then showcase great fashion and let you in on my adventures in that realm on this blogsite.  As the posts won’t be very frequent, consider installing an RSS feed on your device – that way I connect with you when I do write something!



I’m doing it!

Over, in the ‘old’ country, I encountered serious doubts about a particular dress I was eying.

so hippie, so 60ies... :)

so hippie, so 60ies… 🙂

Today, with the temperature hitting summer-like highs, I wanted to wear this dress and prove to the world that it can be done with the right attitude. I’m not wearing a skimpy sandal – I am wearing the heaviest boots I own. And so I will ride my horse bike into the sunset….

While on the subject, I threw on a few more dresses, mainly to see how they would look with the boots:

wild print, short skirt, Frye boots!

wild print, short skirt, Frye boots!

fake wrap dress, BIG boots!

fake wrap dress, BIG boots!

With that, I shall now take a long walk and frolic in the sunshine!





2nd jacket – done!

My second big knitting project is done!

blue jkt  finished

When the knitting bug hit me last fall, I actually wanted to knit a BROWN jacket… thinking that I want something to compliment this dress:

tight fitting jersey dress by Anni Kuan

tight fitting jersey dress by Anni Kuan

Admittedly, this dress NEEDS something.  (also admittedly, the camera’s setting is all screwed up and I did not fix that…) When I was wearing the dress, I most often wrapped a colorful scarf around my neck or had loud tights on. It is very comfortable and nicely tailored… but a bit drab. Where I got the idea that a BROWN jacket would spice it up, I don’t remember anymore. Which is why I ended up buying green/blue yarn for my first project (picture here). That jacket did not work over the dress –  it is too long and bulky.

So off to the the yarn store I went again, still thinking about my dress project. The yarn I got is a Merino/Llama/Bamboo mix which does not itch (very important!). I was taking the pattern off a picture that I had seen and fit it to a cotton jacket I own. (see my Ravelry notes)

dress jkt open headdress jkt closed











Now I feel like a lady of the fifties… this combination can pass as retro!


blue jkt  front detail

Here is the true color. Me and my camera in a better mood! 🙂


why this works

… on certain body types.

the infamous bubble dress

the infamous bubble dress

The other day, I had a customer try on this dress.  It does not get a lot of play – mainly because it has a BUBBLE skirt.

It doesn’t matter that Europe seems to dig the bubble or that it looks fabulous on incredibly tall and skinny women. Around here – no such love affair. Also, most women are not incredibly tall and skinny.

The BUBBLE has been a mystery to me as well. Today, after some deliberation I think I might have figured it out.

The bubble shape basically mimics a woman’s body. Wider on top, tighter around the middle, wider in the hips and then again narrow at the legs.

2013-03-01 13.18.11If you are naturally curvy, pretty much any dress shape will work.  However, if your body is more angular – think no defined waist, slim hips and maybe a flat(ter)
tush – then the BUBBLE is THE ANSWER to a more hourglass-shaped look.

Even my flat-chested self gives off the impression of a rubenesque diva in this dress, don’t you think?  This dress actually hangs pretty loose while the cut defines chest, waist and hips.

Much of the same would be true for a bubble skirt. Combined with a loose top with a broad enough neckline and shoulders to match the proportions of the hip shape of the skirt, it may result in the same effect.

one last look at my curvy self

one last look at my curvy self

So, there you go – I have figured out what a bubble dress CAN DO.  For certain people.


I’m in stitches

Would you believe it? I am deep into my SECOND big knitting project!

2013-01-02 14.11.40

After years and years of knitting a shawl here and another pair of socks there – or maybe a quick armwarmer – I couldn’t wait to get started on my next big project, right after I finished this jacket:

jkt front

(You can see my Ravelry notes here)

Knitting is productive albeit slow. Sewing can get you to your finished product a bit faster, I think.

Over the years, there has always been something that held my attention for a certain timeframe and I would devote a lot of time to it. I remember when I was deep into ebay and bidding and would spend entire nights trying to score one bargain or another. That was even when I only had dial-up. (remember the screetch when connecting to the internet?) My fascination with online bidding has since waned, and I have had a fast internet connection for longer than I can remember.

Then I received a computer camera for a birthday gift and signed up for skype. Wow, did I get sucked into that – whole nights were skyped away with half the world.

Sewing as a passion comes and goes – there are months when I don’t do anything and then others when I get carried away making one thing or another. And can’t stop.

The exciting aspect of all this is that I really look forward to the activity. I like to get all absorbed and watch the progress.

So this time around it is knitting – again.

I have always wanted to have a jacket to wear over a certain tight-fitting brown jersey dress. The green jacket above doesn’t work with it. Reading around in my usual blogs, I found this jacket Tasia of Sewaholic made:

photo courtesy of Sewaholic, a fine sewing/craft blog!

photo courtesy of Sewaholic, a fine sewing/craft blog!

Tasia is wearing it over a dress and I think it might work for my dress as well! I love how tight fitting and short it is.

Instead of the pattern insert this jacket uses, I will modify it to this one:

upper part only, may have to tinker with it a bit

upper part only, may have to tinker with it a bit

I am only visually following the jacket pattern; I am trusting my knitting abilities that it will come out. (after all – I spent my entire university years knitting during lectures!)

Here is a picture of the back in progress:

my 'pattern'

my ‘pattern’

Stay tuned for the finished project!

Happy weekend!


party on!

As we all know, tomorrow the world as we know it supposedly comes to an end.  According to the Mayans.

If that happens, then we all need to party TONIGHT, right?  And if is DOES NOT happen, then we have a reason to party afterwards. Because we survived the END OF THE WORLD.

So it is a win/win situation after all. (only the latter option gives us more time to party – agreed)

I’ve already picked my favorite of the dresses:

Do I need a cocktail dress? I think I do!

Do I need a cocktail dress? I think I do!

The above lacy number is by Hazel of Los Angeles, and so is the one on the left:

along with the Yedomi hairpiece, this dress

along with the Yedomi hairpiece, this dress

another Hazel with a shirt by Anni Kuan

another Hazel with a shirt by Anni Kuan

For a little more drama, we cannot go wrong with GOLD:

... paired with a Sofada top

… paired with a Sofada top and a YedOmi neck/hair piece

This glitzy piece can actually be pulled up to make a strapless dress!

Honestly, I assume we all still be here tomorrow – let the parties begin!

Oh, and by the way:  Happy Winter Solstice!


I don’t have time for this!

Right now, there are a few ‘SHOULDS” looming over my head:

I SHOULD bake some Christmas cookies.

I SHOULD make a few presents (I HAVE them in my head)

I SHOULD get my tree and decorate it too.

I SHOULD mail off my presents (especially those to overseas)

I SHOULD call my mother.

What do I do instead?

I obsessed over getting this jacket done.

jkt front

It took about two months to knit.

I haven’t knit a big piece like this in many, many years. If I remember right, the last time I knit a sweater was back in college… and for the then boyfriend on top of it. After that, it was straight scarves and socks – easy projects, finished in little time.

This one has close to 200 stitches across the body and a pattern to keep you interested when working these endless rows. While on my recent trip to Europe, I knit the sleeves. (I always take a knitting project to my mother’s – reading at her house does not work as she interrupts me constantly)

Cable on the arms - so I wouldn't get bored.

Cable on the arms – so I wouldn’t get bored.

The back - fits nice and tight.

The back – fits nice and tight.


Metal buttons from an outlet near my hometown! (Warthausen)

Metal buttons from an outlet near my hometown! (Warthausen)










Now it is done. I used up the last inch of yarn to make the collar as wide as possible.  Nothing is left. Absolutly nothing.

Which means I need to tend to my above projects, right? 🙂



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