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service interrupted.

Today is Summer Solstice and I try to remember how many times I have marked this occasion with pretty pictures on this blog.  5 times, 6 times?  Admittedly, I have been painfully absent from this site, there would be just so much one could upload and write about, especially during summertime. And I have not… I’m way too preoccupied these days!

photo credit: Naomi!

photo credit: Naomi!

Instead, I am stealing a photo from the shop’s website – it showcases not only Portland nature but also three lovely outfits by SkunkFunk.

If you have made it this far, then you might also want to hear that I might not update this site much in the future as I am shifting my focus back to education.  Education in the school-type sense:  I am going back to teaching.  Kids this time, not grown fashionable women. I am entrusting the store into some capable hands who will certainly continue what I have started. 🙂

I promise I will continue to now and then showcase great fashion and let you in on my adventures in that realm on this blogsite.  As the posts won’t be very frequent, consider installing an RSS feed on your device – that way I connect with you when I do write something!



my obsession with clouds

cascais eve clouds

Clouds are majestic.

Clouds command the sky.


There is always drama in the sky when clouds are moving along. I can lay on my back and see all kinds of stories.  Free theater of the skies!


Their fierce independence and power has always fascinated me. They can show up out of nowhere and disappear just as fast. Just like people, they may be solitary or come on as group force.

palm sunsetClouds over water are like two lovers dancing.

SAMSUNGClouds complete the picture.

SAMSUNGDramatic light helps, of course.




my obsession with water

Where I grew up, there was no water to speak of.  Unless you count the little, piddly river that runs through town.  And while this ‘river’ was close to my school and I did see it every day, it had no big impact on my life. Train tracks played a bigger role back then.

Today, my dream house would sit on a river’s bank, close to the ocean or be overlooking a lake.

Flowing, moving water fascinates me for hours and days. Birds and boats capture my attention.

the Atlantic ocean outside of Cascais, Portugal

Where I live now, we have two wide rivers – one flowing through town, the other carrying big ships to the nearby ocean.

Pacific Ocean, Oregon Coast

I love the noise of the crashing waves, the salty air and the screeching seagulls overhead.

Rocking boats are not only pretty, they also have a calming effect on me.

Walking by the water’s edge, watching the horizon makes me happy.

the view! (Alps in the distance, Zürich, Switzerland)

fishermen’s boats, Cascais harbor

Looking back on my recent trip to Europe, I remember having slept most soundly at my friend E.’s house. I can’t really pinpoint it to the fact that she lives not even 50m from the river, but I like to think that this was the reason – the slow flowing water, the big boats: all your heavy thoughts are just carried downstream.

Cascais, Portugal (on the Atlantic Ocean)

Next up:  my obsession with clouds.







looking back

Even with my mind still fogged up from jetlag, I want to put down a few observations about my experiences here and there. And what HERE and THERE does to me.

This morning, I found a quarter on the street. Actually, I find money a lot around here (Portland) and almost NEVER in Europe. On one hand, I think that America in general is not such a rich country and it surprises me that people lose money on the street. I have found mostly coins, sometimes as many as 2 Dollars in one spot. Europe on the other hand is rather well off and one could think that people over there might not lose sleep over a few lost coins.


Now that is one theory. Then it occurred to me that people in Europe use wallets to hold their coins. Wallets with a (zippered or buttoned) coin compartment. Over here, most coins (especially guys’) live in a pant pocket. Maybe that is the reason they tend to fall out and end up on the street for me to find. The question remains why people leave them there and don’t pick them back up.

Another observation about ME is that I seem to have become a lot more cautious. I do consider myself a trusting person and a risk-taker. Yet, at the same time, I am realizing that I suck in my breath in various situations where I would not have done it before. Especially around children… I fear they might fall, stumble, get lost, get mistreated. In Europe, kids roam a lot freer than around here; they ride the bus by themselves, play out on the street, dig holes and climb trees.  I guess I do not see that many kids by themselves here.

Driving fast scares me now. What has become of me?  I used to be a night cabbie racing through the streets. Am I just older and wiser or has the constant fear media around me made me anxious? People in Europe seem to be a lot more self-reliable than people in the US. They blame themselves for not looking out if they stumble over a hole in the ground. People around here seem to be constantly nervous that somebody might break into their home or that something awful could happen to them. I guess that has made me more aware of things that MIGHT happen. Over 20 years living here will do that. And I am not even watching TV. That’s why I had to laugh at myself when I discovered that I had left the key stuck in the front door over night. Blame it on the jetlag..


(s)crap… another try

It did not work.

After having been without internet access, I finally found a cafe last week where I was able to use my ‘intelligent’ (smart) phone on which I had downloaded the wordpress application.  Or so I thought.

It looked all perfect. It even said it posted. Well, it didn’t. And when I found out today – looking all over for my latest entry – I felt cheated. It is a lot of work after all, to painstakingly type a longer entry on a phone keyboard.  Swype or no swype.

Oh well, I still have the basic idea about my SCRAP post in my head and will repost later.  It was a somewhat late entry either way as it had to do with home-made christmas presents. This way, it may be taken as an early though for THIS year’s christmas… or a birthday… or something.

In the meantime, I leave you with an impression from yesterday’s flight from northern Germany to Lake Constance (Bodensee), which was one of my more spectacular flights I have taken lately.

I flew from an airport I had never been to (FMO – Münster/Osnabrück) to another one that I had never been to (FDH – Friedrichshafen). That in itself was quite a novelty for me.

As you can see, we had a propeller plane – wich makes me a tad bit nervous as it is so small.  On the other hand, with only 9 people on board, I pretended I was on a private jet.

Only, they did not serve me champagne.


soft landing

After a forced stay in Chicago, I touched down safely below the snow capped Mt. Hood and next to the Columbia river.

It felt good. I am glad to be home. The weather is awesome (what’s not to like about hot days and cool nights?), the welcome was sweet and I am easing back into my life.

It always takes me a few days before I like the taste of coffee here. Europeans roast their beans differently and I can tell a distinct difference between the two.

Having friends over for a BBQ on the deck last night. Note the Aperol drink (Spritz, Bicicletta) in the front! Later the moon came out and we had a beautiful view of the stars (I guess they are the same all over the world…)

Back in my room. I am so happy!

I already accepted alterations and can do them right her in my own kingdom! As of next week, I’ll be watching Splurge every Saturday and can meet customers there!

I look forward to reconnect! Have a Happy weekend and here is to more summer in beautiful Portland, Oregon!


I am torn

I am not sure whether I just plain hate the thought of leaving – or whether there is a certain attraction to this place that I do not want to admit.

The weather has been incredible, the town is in it’s best mood (local festival going on!), people are friendly,

everything is quaint and lovely (…the only part I have difficulties with…)

and I get to play with my nephew and nieces.

So, I guess, I feel a little like this sculpture:

I had a fantastic time, filled with emotions and experiences that I now have to digest.

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