‘I’m Italian, I look green in the winter.’

If I ever write a book, that will be the title.

This is just one of the many hilarious comments I get in the store. There are moments I wish I had a tape recorder. Other moments, I wish I would be bold enough to take a picture of what folks are wearing when they are out and about.

Like this woman that is in the store right now, talking on her cell phone, wearing flip-flops in barely above freezing weather and a plastic sack tied around her ankle in which she appears to have her wallet. Or maybe some meth. (that’s me talking after being totally sucked into Breaking Bad these days)

Then there are some that leave the dressing room like a warzone.

2013-04-13 14.41.23

I don’t mind cleaning up – that is actually my job… Sometimes, there are so many outfits in the dressing room as if the woman had tried on the entire store. Loves everything, everything fits, and then she leaves with the words, ‘I have to bring my daughter in.’ or, ‘I will be back when I get paid.’ I sincerely hope they had a good time looking and feeling good while in my dressing room.


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