why this works

… on certain body types.

the infamous bubble dress

the infamous bubble dress

The other day, I had a customer try on this dress.  It does not get a lot of play – mainly because it has a BUBBLE skirt.

It doesn’t matter that Europe seems to dig the bubble or that it looks fabulous on incredibly tall and skinny women. Around here – no such love affair. Also, most women are not incredibly tall and skinny.

The BUBBLE has been a mystery to me as well. Today, after some deliberation I think I might have figured it out.

The bubble shape basically mimics a woman’s body. Wider on top, tighter around the middle, wider in the hips and then again narrow at the legs.

2013-03-01 13.18.11If you are naturally curvy, pretty much any dress shape will work.  However, if your body is more angular – think no defined waist, slim hips and maybe a flat(ter)
tush – then the BUBBLE is THE ANSWER to a more hourglass-shaped look.

Even my flat-chested self gives off the impression of a rubenesque diva in this dress, don’t you think?  This dress actually hangs pretty loose while the cut defines chest, waist and hips.

Much of the same would be true for a bubble skirt. Combined with a loose top with a broad enough neckline and shoulders to match the proportions of the hip shape of the skirt, it may result in the same effect.

one last look at my curvy self

one last look at my curvy self

So, there you go – I have figured out what a bubble dress CAN DO.  For certain people.


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