For 23 seconds now, the rain stopped. The wind let up. It’s dripping fat drops form the eaves.

It stopped and there are faint sunbeams in the distance.


A few more days and it will be March.  This and the fact that I took the above picture earlier this week while visiting the Bay Area where it was pleasantly warm – makes me want to toss the sweaters and tights to the side and think about lighter clothing. Brighter colors. Soft fabrics.

Anni Kuan silk blouse

Anni Kuan silk blouse

Look how the sun is playing with the fabric! I have the good fortune of looking directly into the sun from where I sit. When its out, that is.

Hazel knit/crochet cotton dress

Hazel knit/crochet cotton dress

The eyelet design of this airy dress makes me want to float through a breezy summer day.  The dress comes with a white slip, but I decorated it with a black one to show off the pretty design.  I then remembered that I have an orange one in my closet, which in turn made me take the dress home.

Anni Kuan jersey dress with turquoise piping

Anni Kuan jersey dress with turquoise piping

A last teaser for now because the sun is blinding me. (YEAH!)  These are only the first of many new items that will arrive shortly.

And then I will attend the apparel show next week to buy….Fall and Winter! I’ll never wrap my head around this schedule. I might go there in my down jacket, just because.




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