my obsession with water

Where I grew up, there was no water to speak of.  Unless you count the little, piddly river that runs through town.  And while this ‘river’ was close to my school and I did see it every day, it had no big impact on my life. Train tracks played a bigger role back then.

Today, my dream house would sit on a river’s bank, close to the ocean or be overlooking a lake.

Flowing, moving water fascinates me for hours and days. Birds and boats capture my attention.

the Atlantic ocean outside of Cascais, Portugal

Where I live now, we have two wide rivers – one flowing through town, the other carrying big ships to the nearby ocean.

Pacific Ocean, Oregon Coast

I love the noise of the crashing waves, the salty air and the screeching seagulls overhead.

Rocking boats are not only pretty, they also have a calming effect on me.

Walking by the water’s edge, watching the horizon makes me happy.

the view! (Alps in the distance, Zürich, Switzerland)

fishermen’s boats, Cascais harbor

Looking back on my recent trip to Europe, I remember having slept most soundly at my friend E.’s house. I can’t really pinpoint it to the fact that she lives not even 50m from the river, but I like to think that this was the reason – the slow flowing water, the big boats: all your heavy thoughts are just carried downstream.

Cascais, Portugal (on the Atlantic Ocean)

Next up:  my obsession with clouds.






2 Responses to “my obsession with water”

  1. November 25, 2012 at 22:15

    You certainly capture some beautiful water shots, now I am sure you would love to capture Sydney harbour at some time. It is one of the best in the world. We were out sailing on it yesterday.

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