update … and a close call

It is a good thing that squirrels have long, bushy tails. Otherwise that poor critter would have met his demise when he hurled out of the park and onto my bike tire. He scared the hell out of me, too. Lucky for him, the combined weight of me and my bike along with my speed only hit his tail and he wooshed away as fast as he had come.

Which reminded me that I owe you all an update.

Remember the snake that I mistook for a fireworks wrapper and almost killed this summer? He kept us busy for quite a while – I had posted him on Craigslist and M. (the dad)  asked around the neighborhood for a few weeks.  The first improvements to Mr. Slither’s life came in the form of graduating form his temporary cardboard box to a glass terrarium. Then M. and his family took him to be examined. By now, his kids had taken a BIG liking to Mr. Slither. Now a good 5 weeks after finding him, we still had no bites (sic!) on the ad or the neighborhood.  And so they decided to keep him. A happy ending indeed.

The other neighborhood development I was following included the destruction of a ranch home in my street. While I still believe that the house they took down was in decent shape, I understand that sometimes it might be more cost-effective to take down rather than repairing.  However, this place was just demolished and taken to the dump.  In my mind that is careless, unsustainable and a total waste.  I much rather have them dismantle the place and reuse the materials (like they have done next to the shop – that is another blog post, though).

They finished the buildings.  Yes BUILDINGS, plural.

picture taken at the end of July

These houses are large and very high.  For comparison, look at the cottage to the right. I love Portland but I don’t get that they will allow such out-of-scale additions to the neighborhood.

They also have a garage at the end of a long driveway and a picnic table sized yard.

taken October 17. for sale.



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